Splunk Admin/Architect with CIM Compliancy Model, data models, macros and Linux experience

ID: RF02269 (99590911)

Splunk Admin/Architect with CIM Compliancy Model, data models, macros and Linux experience

Location: Salt Lake City UT (Client: Zions)
Duration: 12 months

Required Skills/Abilities:
• Expert in Splunk search language and be able to create and optimize complex big data correlations.
• Expert in Splunk and Splunk Enterprise architecture in order to design, implement, and troubleshoot deployment, maintenance, and upgrade solutions for deployments of Enterprise Management.
• Experience in knowledge object creation and usage across the Enterprise, Normalization of event data, and Management of knowledge objects, data models and developing macros.
• Expert in migrating existing data to CIM Compliancy model.
• Excellent workload modeling skills
• Ability to build Business & operational Intelligence System
• Experience Administering Splunk Infra structure

Desired Skills/Abilities
• Excellent Verbal and Written communications
• Solid understanding of how multi-tier environments function, (specifically how they communicate)
• Excellent understanding of (relevant) communication protocols
• Good understanding of Operating Systems, Networks, hardware and related issues.
• Ability to report results graphically and verbally
• Solid ability to analyze results and find bottlenecks
• Solid ability to create "ad-hoc " tests to exploit areas of suspect performance
Must be self-motivated and be able to learn and adopt new technologies quickly

Preferred Certification Requirements:
• Splunk Administration Certification and Power User

A Splunk Knowledge Manager creates and/or manages knowledge objects that are used in a particular Splunk project, across an organization or within a practice. Splunk knowledge objects include saved searches, event types, transactions, tags, field extractions and transformations, lookups, workflows, commands and views. A knowledge manager not only will have a thorough understanding of Splunk, the interface, general use of search and pivot, etc. but also possess the “big picture view” required extend the Splunk environment, through the management of the Splunk knowledge object library.
Essential Job Functions:
• Implement and maintain Linux-based, Splunk analytical systems and tools (admin. level deployment and knowledge management roles)
• Support the identification and collection of machine and non-machine data sets
• Collaborate with administrators and analysts to enhance development of actionable business intelligence, troubleshoot performance issues, and combat threats
• Work on an integrated team communicating Splunk related issues
• Maintain compliance with security regulations and guidelines
• Package, deploy, and test custom app contexts
• Provide centralized oversight and maintenance of knowledge objects
• Map data sources to the Splunk Common Information Model (CIM)
• Be responsible for:
o Data interpretation – Fields and field extractions
o Data classification – Event types and transactions
o Data enrichment – Lookups and workflow actions
o Management of saved searches
• Normalize event data by implementing knowledge object naming conventions and retiring duplicate or obsolete objects
• Oversee strategies for improved search and pivot performance (report acceleration, data model acceleration, summary indexing, batch mode search)
• Familiar with the creation of data models inclusive of using the Splunk Machine Learning (ML) Toolkit
• Have in-depth knowledge of Splunk Enterprise Architecture and Administration
• Work with Splunk Enterprise Admins in all phases of getting data into Splunk ( from Pre-indexing to post indexing statistical data analysis )
• Plan Deployment Strategies (System Architecture, workflow, failover scenarios, testing modules)
• Collaborate with multiple tools, appliances, application teams with Splunk nodes for providing platform support for applications in an agile environment.
• Business Intelligence Model& IT Operations
• Systems and Event Management (Using various logs )
• Perform Infrastructure Monitoring & Automation to gain system insights through predictive analysis
• Assist in Data Governance & Management of data
• Work with various teams to identify and capture relevant logs, assist the infrastructure team with onboarding data, and developing use-cases around the collected data
• Have the ability to communicate within all levels of staff and provide documentation.
• Aid in system tuning and review
• Advise on new system upgrades and implementations
• Interface with Project Leads and Developers to design and create new models and assist on deliveries.

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