(Cancelled) Remote Part-time PM (PMP) with waterfall, training, MS Project and software migration experience

Job ID: VA-638186 (97891110)

(Cancelled)  Remote Part-time PM (PMP) with waterfall, training, MS Project and software migration experience

Location: Daleville VA (VCCS) Remote
Duration: 3 months

– Demonstrated experience in managing successful projects, with evidence of activities and skills relevant to the duties set out for this role;
– Demonstrated experience and expertise in formal project management practices including project chartering, risk registers, “waterfall” project planning, meeting planning and documentation, and document management;
– Evidence of training in project management and business practices is desired; PMP certification is desired but not required;
– Solid expertise in Microsoft Project and Office software;
– Excellent communication skills;
– Excellent facilitation skills which create a positive and productive team environment;
– The ability to understand team dynamics, identify risks and concerns, offer guidance, and escalate issues to project stakeholders in a professional manner;
– Experience with software migration projects highly desirable.
PMP cert not required

The Virginia Community College System (VCCS) Shared Services Center (SSC) seeks an experienced Project Manager on a part-time, temporary basis, to assist with the project management oversight of an effort to migrate new hire “onboarding” workflow from an existing commercial software system (Silk Road) to a newly acquired software system (Avature).
The project is currently underway and professional project documentation, including a project charter and project work plan (in MS Project), has been developed. The previous project manager has left the organization and therefore we seek project management support to join our existing resources in order to successfully continue project activities.
The role is related to the project management activities of this effort, referenced below, and does not require knowledge of the software systems, system configuration, programming, or related technical activities. The duties anticipated for this contracted project management role include:
– Accurately and proactively managing project documentation including the project charter, progress dashboards and reports, etc.;
– Organizing, holding, and documenting project team and resource meetings;
– Working closely with project team members to proactively support their successful project engagement, answer questions, advise coach and mentor, assist with training, and alert project sponsors when concerns or issues arise;
– Assessing project progress, identifying risks/issues and recommending mitigating actions, and reporting such progress and actions to key project stakeholders;
– Updating project planning and scheduling materials using traditional “waterfall” methodology and managing these plans in Microsoft Project;
– Where appropriate, assisting assigned project team members with project task activities such as user needs assessments, workflow design, documentation and communication, data mapping, etc.
– Serve as a liaison with Avature vendor technical staff engaged in project task activities, including monitoring and reporting on vendor project planning and task delivery;
– Supporting and advising project stakeholders as needed.

The Project Manager will be joining existing VCCS SSC management and staff resources who are engaged in project delivery.
Therefore, we expect this role to be part time and for a finite duration.
Specifically, are anticipating a typical schedule of 2 days (16 hours) a week for a period commencing immediately and anticipated to run through January 2021. We are allocating a maximum of 200 contracted hours of effort. Note that the total engagement may require less effort or duration, or we may request (for consideration) an extension of the effort with additional contracted hours.
The Project Manager must provide these services during normal business hours (i.e. 8:30am to 5pm). However, the work effort may be distributed over multiple days or otherwise be flexible, by mutual agreement. If the Project Manager’s availability is restricted to specific days each week (for example, Mondays and Wednesday), we will make every effort to accommodate this availability. Conversely, changes in work assignment needs may necessitate requesting different availability (including more or less hours per any given week). Again, however, we understand that that given the part time nature of the assignment, the Project Manager may have scheduling restrictions which we will endeavor to respect.
The VCCS SSC is working remotely at this time and we expect this Project Management role would be conducted remotely via telework. We will provide, on a temporary basis through the end of the assignment, a VCCS SSC laptop with necessary Microsoft Office and Project software.
We do not anticipate any travel or other incidental expenses, and any such expenses must be approved in advance before any expected reimbursement.

The Virginia Community College System represents the 23 community colleges in the state of Virginia. The Shared Services Center provides a range of “back office” administrative services for these system institutions, including aspects of Human Resources, Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Procurement. The SSC is based in Daleville VA though at the present time, the 95 staff members at the center are working remotely



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