React Developer with SQL and Javascript experience

Job ID: UT-74498 (90090910)10P

React Developer with SQL and Javascript experience

Location: Salt Lake City, UT (DOH)
Duration: 12 Months

Skill Requirement
1 year React
3 years Javascript
1 year SQL

The successful candidates will work with existing staff to provide application development, software maintenance, and administration for the UDOH COVID-19 response. This includes application enhancements to data collection, processing, storage, and analytic systems used by staff at the Utah Department of Health, all local health departments, and multiple tribal public health organizations. They will enhance systems used for collection of laboratory test order information; reporting of laboratory test results; reception and processing of electronic laboratory reports, case reports, and other disease surveillance data; analysis and visualization of operational metrics for test processing, case identification, contact tracing, and other epidemiological information; and reporting of surveillance information to the CDC, pandemic response leadership and stakeholders, and the general public. They will be required to develop enhancements to existing systems as well as participate in the development of new and replacement systems as needed. Support for integrations between various existing and new systems will be established or enhanced.
System information:
Electronic Message Staging Area (EMSA). This tool is used to process electronic messages for use by other parts of the UT-NEDSS system. This position will work to overhaul substantially this application to meet the ever growing demands of flexibility with regards to data processing. This includes parsing logic, rules engines, data transformations, user interfaces, etc. Additionally this position will work with Subject Matter Experts in the Division of Disease Control and Prevention to identify requirements and options for meeting those requirements


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