Project Manager with RSI, Modernized eFile, Portfolio Warehouse data load/compliance, FSET and eNC3 Experience

Job Id: NC-487132 (98590202)

Project Manager with RSI, Modernized eFile, Portfolio Warehouse data load/compliance, FSET and eNC3 Experience

Location: 501 N. Wilmington St. Raleigh, NC 27604 (DOR)
Duration: 12 Months
Interview: In Person Only

Skill Required / Desired Amount of Experience
Hands on experience in the implementation of RSI software for Modernized eFile (MeF), Portfolio Warehouse (PW), and FSET (eNC3) Required 5 Years
Experience working with MeF Required 5 Years
Experience working with Portfolio Warehouse Required 5 Years
Experience with PW data load and compliance programs Required
Experience working with FSET. Required
Experience with system testing and an understanding of the scenarios that would need to be validated when the system(s) have/has been moved. Required 5 Years
Development and execution of project plans with many diverse skillsets required to participate. Required 5 Years
Advanced status reporting, risk management and communications skills to all levels of the Agency organization. Required 5 Years

A short term contractor is needed to fill the Project Manager role on the DOR Data Center move project. Due to a recent general statute all computing equipment must be housed in a data center approved by the North Carolina State Chief Information Officer. NCDOR has composed a plan, to move all appropriate computing equipment into two approved Data Centers. The North Carolina Department of Revenue (NCDOR) has relied heavily on one centralized data center. The data center is now aged and has significant issues with heating/cooling, physical security and power. It is the goal of NCDOR to move all data center operations to the specified data centers by the end of fiscal year 2018 (June 30 2018).

This position is specifically required for the Data Center moves and would make progress on the move(s) while allowing other Project Managers to continue to focus on previously existing work.

Description (including, but not limited to):
1. Responsibility for the successful completion of end to end project work, including all work products
2. Oversight of projects comprised of multiple deliverables, including delegation and coordination of tasks
3. Responsibility for creation and management of the integrated project plan, execution of the project plan, project status, meetings, scope changes, risk and issue tracking/mitigation, coordination across project teams, etc.
4. Negotiations internal and external to the project teams
5. Managing scope, resources, timelines, costs/budget, quality, communication, and procurements to meet the goals of the State
6. Development and execution of training and education on standard project management requirements and methods, facilitating project governance and reporting, and creating models to improve business decisions
7. Efforts typically include extensive changes to existing functionality or the implementation of new applications and/or technology



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