Data Management (DW/BI) PM with data lakes, Java/SOA, agile, MS Project/Visio, JIRA, Tableau/MS Power BI, Salesforce and healthcare experience

Job id : TX-52980000008060 (910590812)

Data Management (DW/BI) PM with data lakes, Java/SOA, agile, MS Project/Visio, JIRA, Tableau/MS Power BI, Salesforce and healthcare experience

Location : Austin TX (HHSC)
Duration : 12+ Months

Minimum Requirements:
Years Skills/Experience
15 Work experience in the information technology industry with at least 5 years of experience involvement in data management solutions (i.e., data warehouses, data lakes, etc.), data analytics/business intelligence, web-based (J2EE) development, or SOA-related projects.
8 IT project management experience.
5 At least 5 years of referenced experience in project management that entail demonstration of:
• Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
• Experience in developing clear, concise project documentation.
• Team management through team meetings, task assignment, mentoring, facilitation and training.
• Progress monitoring to plan through effective use of risk management practices.
• Keep leadership updated on project issues and progress.
• Effectively manage resources in a mixed functional and matrixed project environment.
• Expert problem resolution skills.
• Complete experience with the project management lifecycle (PMLC) and software development lifecycle (SDLC) required.
• The ability to develop, document and execute project management plans, work plans and quality plans.
• Involved in the full lifecycle from analysis and planning to development and deployment.
5 Experience in building and managing IT project teams with emphasis on ability to motivate individuals to excel and exceed expectations.
3 Experience leading an agile development team
5 Experience with MS Project, MS Office, Visio, and status reporting tools.
1 Experience with JIRA software

Years Skills/Experience
1 Prior experience in the Healthcare Industry.
1 Work experience managing multi-agency or multi-IT department initiatives
1 Work experience within a Health and Human Services agency, preferably on a TEIRS agile sprint team
2 Experience with data visualization tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Salesforce, or SAS.

HHSC IT is currently in the planning stage of an HHS Performance Portal pilot initiative with a goal to accomplish the following:

• Implementation and configuration of the infrastructure for the performance portal pilot
• Design, development, and implementation of the performance portal using an agile methodology for all standard SDLC phases that includes, but is not limited to:
o Validation of performance metric requirements
o Creation of EPICS/User Stories
o Creation and validation of dashboard and report mock-ups
o Automation of data acquisition from a variety of data sources
o Dashboard and report development
o Testing – integration, load and stress, and user
o Deployment / publication internally and externally
• Operations support and enhancement of the Performance Portal pilot
The Project Manager position will fill the role of scrum master for the agile team established for HHSC’s IT Data Analytics Support team and will report to the Data Analytics Support Director.

High-level responsibilities may include:

• Establishing an agile development team
• Establish the agile processes and procedures for Data Analytics support structured after the hybrid agile approach implemented by HHSC for the TIERS application suite.
• Overseeing one or more sprint teams, keeping them focused and managing release schedule and scope
• Manage the development of user stories, estimate of story points for sprint cycles, release scope and the backlog
• Keeping the Director informed on project status – schedule, scope, quality, and cost – develop and maintain burn down charts
• Establishing timeline and resource requirements for successful execution of the project. Coordination with key stakeholders and sponsors to obtain approval of resources and timeline.
• Creation of project management deliverables necessary for this project.
• Management of the day-to-day operations of the core project oversight and coordination team established for this initiative.
• Working with various IT and business stakeholder areas to ensure that project deliverables are compliant with state, federal, and other applicable agency standards.
• Risk identification and coordination of resolution with project leadership.
• All other duties as assigned.
Other Special Requirements:

If the Vendor or any of its Workers participate in the preparation of specifications for any solicitation (e.g. Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Offer (RFO), etc.) that may result from work performed by the Vendor under this agreement, or if the Vendor or any of its Workers are capable of influencing the development of such specifications by virtue of the Vendor’s work under this agreement, the Vendor and its Workers are prohibited from performing any services or receiving any compensation under a contract resulting from such a solicitation.


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