Project Manager with change management, risk mitigation and governance experience

Job ID: WA-K1181 (912591002)

Project Manager with change management, risk mitigation and governance experience

Location: (Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB))
Duration: 8-20 months
Interview: In-person

2.2.1 General
The Project Manager will work closely with WSLCB Project Sponsor, Steering Committee, Operations Group, contractors for Quality Assurance, and other stakeholders to manage, track, facilitate and plan for all Project activities and to ensure the timely delivery of a quality product.

2.2.2 Specific Tasks and Expectations
The Contractor Staff shall complete functions including, but not limited to the following:
– Provide preliminary consultation with OCM Lead and WSLCB management, assess and define needs and issues, provide a work plan describing contractor’s approach to:
1. Understand WSLCB’s vision and the efforts needed to manage cultural changes so we are able to achieve the desired future state;
2. Identify and develop the strategies that will assist in the organizational changes resulting from SMP;
3. Identify the risks and assist in the development of the needed mitigation strategies for achieving the organizational change objectives.
– Review current WSLCB culture and responses to changes; identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for management team to meet challenges; produce a baseline assessment report capturing your findings;
– Assess staff feedback regarding the risks or mitigation strategies involved in the organizational development and change management process;
– Assess staff’s capacity to cope with and manage changes associated with the development of the new WSLCB organizational structure, work processes, performance goals and expectations, etc.; provide a mitigation strategy to address findings from this assessment;
– Identify and develop the actions required of management, staff, and stakeholders such as, but not limited to, our licensees, vendors, and agency partners to support WSLCB organizational development and change management plan;
– In collaboration with OCM Consultant, will develop WSLCB Change Management Plan that addresses weaknesses and/or gaps that were identified in the baseline report;
– Facilitate regular meetings with the WSLCB’s designated SMP operations group, steering committee and key staff as needed to provide consultation on change management issues as they arise during implementation and provide management coaching as needed;
– Report on the status of organizational change to the SMP Steering Committee as needed;
– Conduct a readiness assessment in comparison to the baseline report prior to end-user training
– Development of after-action or final project report, meeting and discussion of report findings with WSLCB management and designated OCM lead.
– Vendor must spend sufficient time onsite to immerse themselves in the current state (i.e. culture and processes) and prepare for, implement and monitor progress toward the planned future state.
– Receive direction from the Executive Sponsor;
– Administer project activities and enforces project governance;
– Regularly report project status to Executive Sponsor and Steering Committee;
– Participate in QA meetings, receives QA Reports, coordinates and drafts management responses to QA findings;
– Upload QA response to OCIO IT Transparency dashboard;
– Monitor timelines and tasks;
– Identify and escalate project risks and issues;
– Ensure risk mitigations, issue resolutions, and decisions are implemented;
– Ensure project related assignments are distributed to identified project resources and that assigned tasks remain in scope and completed schedule;
– Coordinate assignments and communication amongst the various project teams and stakeholders, including WSLCB Technical Leads, Operations Group, Vendor Teams and Facet Groups;
– Consistently maintain an accurate, resource-based, dependency driven project schedule/work breakdown structure using MS Project that includes details tasks and timelines;
– Update schedule daily ensuring it reflects projected and actual activity status;
– Track completion of Artifacts and Deliverables;
– Receive and perform administrative reviews of vendor submitted Artifacts and Deliverables;
– Maintain project documentation, collaborative work environment, and document repository;
– Liaise with the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) and Office of Financial Management (OFM);
– Update OCIO dashboard;
– Serve as designated vendor manager;
– Manage and monitor project budget;
– Inform Steering Committee of major project activities;
– Coordinate Steering Committee and Operations Group meetings;
– Coordinate quarterly reviews and updates of the Project Management Plans;
– Ensure that the project team stays focused;
– Coordinate with Vendor Project Managers and Project Teams;
– Resolve conflicts and issues at lowest level;
– Escalate issues, risks and decisions to the Steering Committee and or Executive Sponsor as appropriate;
– Maintain adherence to approved project standards and practices;
– Work within existing project governance structures and refine if necessary to assure any changes to scope, schedule, quality or cost are approved, resources are secured, and escalated issues are resolved; and,
– Consistently evaluate project management methodologies in collaboration with vendor project managers to identify and implement process improvement.

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