Project Manager (PMP) with data conversion experience

Job ID: PA-529981 (97190314)

Project Manager (PMP) with data conversion experience

Location: Harrisburg PA
Duration: 3-15 months

Skill Required / Desired Amount of Experience
Experience with formal project management methodology Required 6 Years
4 year college degree or equivalent technical study Highly desired
Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail and quality. Required
Excellent oral and written communication skills Required
Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. Required
Strong leadership ability. Required
Ability to work independently. Required

Project Manager Tasks:
The key responsibility of the Project Manager will be to work with the Stakeholders and Technical Team to help facilitate the rewrite of the existing Contractor Responsibility Program System (CRPS) application. In its current state, CRPS does not effectively meet the agencies’ business requirements due to its instability, difficulties in system maintenance, and system enhancements. Moreover, those processes that utilize the system and those processes that are part of the overall Contractor Responsibility Program must be investigated and rewritten, as needed, to align and standardize the processes across the enterprise.
This project will encompass the work required to meet the following:
• Creating a seamless and consistent user interface for agencies to search, retrieve, and update data
• Modifying and/or enhancing the CRPS related processes to align and standardize the processes across the commonwealth agencies
• Adjusting the existing interfaces and creating new interfaces, as needed, from the modifications being made to the CRPS related processes
• Developing custom reports as well as ad hoc queries
• Cleansing/Migrating all data from the existing database to the new database
• Revising Management Directive 215.9 Contractor Responsibility Program to meet the objectives and changes to the Program as a result of the project’s work

The following product deliverables are anticipated:
• Rewrite CRPS application to a modern technology platform
• User authentication with Keystone Login service developed by OA-OIT
• Cleansing of existing CRPS data and migration to the new platform
• SWIF, UC and Revenue Data Enhancements
• Automated Interface with DCED and DCNR
• Reporting
• User provisioning
• Management Directive Rewrite
• Self-Vendor Checking

Project Implementation Approach
All information relating to the product deliverables listed above will be entered into Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS)
• Every deliverable will have its own requirements document, detail design/architectural document.
• All unit tests and testing plans will be entered into TFS.
• The product deliverables will be considered and referred to as ‘features.’
• The features will be further broken down into user stories.
• The detailed functional requirements and business rules will be developed and documented for each user story.
• DGS and OB will determine the sequence of development for the user stories.
• The project development team will provide the business with the details and requirements for the user stories and the business will review and provide sign off.
• The development team will identify the tasks, determine the work effort, and time estimates to complete the user stories/feature. Milestones will then be developed and documented on the project schedule.
• The development team will perform the work necessary to implement the user stories/feature.
• The next prioritized feature will follow a similar review, sign-off, and implementation approach until all features and user stories are implemented.

Essential Functions:
• Develop and maintain an agreed project plan and detailed stage plans.
• Build and sustain effective communications with other roles involved in the project.
• Apply quality management principles and processes.
• Report project status as requested.
• Manage project activities to meet the timelines, budget, and stakeholder requirements/quality set out in the approved Project Charter, schedule, and other plans.

Skills and Qualifications:
• Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail and quality.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Strong leadership ability.
• Ability to work independently.
• Ability to work with varying levels of personnel across multiple agencies.

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