Part-time Network Engineer with Cisco ASA firewall, Meraki MX security appliance, Dell switches, HPE SimpliVity and Fiber LAN/WAN experience

Job ID: WA-19-08 (99991126)

Part-time Network Engineer with Cisco ASA firewall, Meraki MX security appliance, Dell switches, HPE SimpliVity and Fiber LAN/WAN experience

Location: Olympia WA (Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction)
Duration: 4-7 months (120 hours/week)
Documents: References (signed with ink)/Skill matrix

Experience working with Cisco ASA firewalls
Experience working with Meraki MX security appliances
Experience with the configuration, installation, and connectivity testing of Cisco 6509, Meraki MS, and Dell switches
Experience documenting network rules and architecture.
Experience working in HPE SimpliVity
Experience working in Fiber WAN\LAN environments

Scope of Work
The Network Engineer associated with this procurement will provide services and expertise specific to network firewalls and security, switch configuration and installation, and fiber WAN\LAN. This person will be expected to work with the project sponsor to assist in the configuration, installation, testing and documentation of the Data Center Migration project. OSPI anticipates this work to be a part time position at about 3/4 time, amounting to approximately 120 hours a month. This resource will be responsible for knowing, understanding and maintaining all milestone deliverables required for implementation of the project. Deliverables for this project are found in section F Deliverables.

The deliverables required for this work will use a format approved by the OSPI Director of Network Operations. The following items will be required of the Network Engineer:
• Confidentiality statements
• Completion of Federal and state required training
• Key Project deliverables:
o Planning and Design
-Prepare Network Documentation
-Routing Design- Protocols, Paths
-Security Design- Ruleset Conversion
-Test Plan- Failover Testing, Hardware Replacement Schedule
o Build State Data Center (SDC)
– Configure 2 MX250 Security Appliances (In failover mode) in SDC by translating all rules routes, IPs, interfaces, VLANS, etc. from the existing Cisco ASA 5520 firewall
– Configure 2 MS425 and 1 MS350 in SDC to match ACL and routing rules from existing Cisco 6509, including connecting HP SimpliVity servers to Meraki switching
-Test Connectivity\Failover
o Build Old Capitol
-Install and configure 2 Cisco Meraki MS425 switches
-Connect MS425s to MS425 in SDC via existing campus fiber
-Migrate users and IDF’s from existing Cisco 6509 switch
-Test Connectivity\Failover
-Install and configure 17 Meraki MS 250 POE switches across 4 IDF closets
– Migrate all IDF closets from current Dell switches and power injectors
-Test Connectivity\Failover
-Install and configure APC UPS devices in all IDFs
o Build Annex
– Configure 1 Meraki MX64 in Annex to VPN to Meraki MS425 switches located in either Old Capitol or SDC depending on design
-Test Connectivity\Failover
-Install and configure APC UPS device
o Document and Training
-Finalize Network Documentation
-Knowledge Transfer

Attachment A – Evidence of Candidates Skills.docx

Attach D – Contractor Reference Form.docx

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