NY Contract Management System (CMS) Analyst with help desk/desktop support, Troubleshooting, Microsoft Excel, user profile/security administration, training, correspondence/documentation, BA/QA/UAT and reporting experience

Job ID: NY-1062 (90090114)4P

NY Contract Management System (CMS) Analyst with help desk/desktop support, Troubleshooting, Microsoft Excel, user profile/security administration, training, correspondence/documentation, BA/QA/UAT and reporting experience

Location: Albany NY (OCFS, 52 Washington Street, Rensselaer, NY)
Duration: 42 months (32 hours/week)
Attachment: Resume and Writing Sample(s) for proposed candidate(s)

To provide administrative duties that will require the performance of CMS maintenance, operational support that will include Help Desk support and Troubleshooting user problems, and development support that will include assisting the project team with system upgrades.

• A detailed resume must be provided by the applicant for proposed candidates. It should demonstrate the candidate meets these criteria:
o Have a bachelor’s degree in an IT/Business related field or six (6) years’ experience in an IT/Business related position and able to document experience with computer systems and administrative functions.
o Have extensive Microsoft Excel related experience and analytical skills.
o Have experience trouble shooting computer systems.
o Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
o Have experience and/or an understanding of New York State contracting process. An understanding of SFS preferred.
• Have excellent writing skills. A writing sample must be provided for proposed candidates.

Activities/Work to be Performed
OCFS Contract Management System (CMS) maintenance including, but not limited to the development, deployment and maintenance of:
• User profiles
• Contract documents and budgets
• Contractor profiles
• Contractor and Contract contacts
• Task Schedules
• Holds
• Security Protocols Administration

Operational support includes, but is not limited to the following tasks:
• Help Desk Support; Act as a technical resource to the entire CMS user group; providing exemplary customer service to agency staff and vendors,
• Troubleshoot user and system anomalies
• Provide user training; assist internal and external users with contract administration guidance and support.
• Coordinate procurement announcements and orchestrate system generated mailings.
• Systematically and independently prepare correspondence and memorandums for a variety of audiences.

Development support will include, but is not limited to:
• Support the CMS project team with the design and implementation of all upgrades to the CMS system interface.
• Prepare and/or review requirements documents; develop test/use cases and oversee User Acceptance Testing (UAT) efforts as necessary.
• Act as a liaison between the development team and agency staff communicating test results and assisting with the development of procedural manuals and related technical documentation.

Administrative Analyst Role: Perform detailed comparative analyses using diversified contract, accounting and financial report data.

Prompt Contracting
• Administer interest payments and manage the analysis and evaluation of Prompt Contracting for the Bureau of Contract Management
• Calculate agency-wide interest payments for interest eligible advances/expenditures paid to contractors.
• Perform forecasting analysis by calculating interest based on projected approval dates; assist Program and contract management staff in the identification, prioritization, planning, development, coordination, support, and execution of improvement plans to achieve optimal interest forecasting results and sustainable cost savings.

OSC Annual Prompt Contracting Law Article XI-B Mandated Report
• Responsible for the collection and analysis of Prompt Contracting data to OSC as it relates to the number of programs affected by State Finance Law, Article XI-B; the ability to meet State Finance Law, Article XI-B time frames; the number of programs, NFP contracts and NFP renewal contracts both complying and failing to comply with legislated time-frames; the number of NFP contracts on which interest was paid; the amount of interest paid by each state agency; and any other relevant information regarding the implementation of prompt contracting and payments affecting NFP organizations

Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act [FFATA] Reporting
• Responsible for the monthly analysis and dissemination of sub award and compensation reporting data for Federal contracts and grants to Finance.

TANF Reporting
• Responsible for the quarterly analysis and reporting of the number of TANF families served for each TANF funded program area.

In addition to the above the resource will perform any other required task in support of the CMS operation and assist OCFS management in responding to senior staff requests and Management Information reports.

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