Network Engineer with IP/MPLS/Ethernet networks, security, mobile radio, 101 FCC Rules, firewall configuration and Security Auditing experience

Job Id: MI-558455 (98090413)

Network Engineer with IP/MPLS/Ethernet networks, security, mobile radio, 101 FCC Rules, firewall configuration and Security Auditing experience

Location: Dimondale, MI 48821
Duration: 12 Months
Agency Interview Type: In Person Only

Required / Desired Skills
Ability to design and manipulate new and existing IP/MPLS/Ethernet networks used for data and voice communications. Required 2 Years
Ability to design solutions and evaluate IP/MPLS/Ethernet networks for security and hardening. Required 2 Years
Ability to analyze and design communication systems and technologies including land mobile radio. Highly desired 2 Years
Familiarization of Part 90 and 101 FCC Rules and Regulations Nice to have 2 Years
Network sniffer experience, firewall configuration, network security auditing, network troubleshooting, Highly desired 1 Years
Technical writing, communication skills, critical thinking Required 1 Years
Possession of a bachelor of science degree in engineering Required 1 Years

Years of Experience:
Considerable experience in designing, troubleshooting, and optimizing large IP/MPLS/Ethernet networks. Training in electronics or networking is required. Advanced technical experience in the design of IP/MPLS/Ethernet networks used for communications. Familiarity with FCC rules and regulations desirable. Advanced knowledge of complex communications systems; business management practices and principles is desirable. Bachelor of Science or greater in Engineering is required.

Job Description:
This position provides engineering support for the MPSCS, at the entry level to advanced level, in the planning, design, and maintenance of an IP/MPLS/Ethernet network supporting land mobile radio (LMR) and public safety communication traffic. This person will perform work with MPLS and other routed networks to include design, security/cyber security, evaluation and optimization, troubleshooting, provisioning of the equipment including routers and switches, and coordinating with field personnel. This person will use engineering skills to develop studies and tests, analyze data and produce reports to assist in quantifying the health of the network. This position may also require familiarity with alarm and control systems, trunked radio technology, RF test equipment, hardware/software configurations and upgrades, antennas, RF propagation, link and coverage analysis, voice and data standards, digital transport technology, traffic analysis, LANs/WANs, fiber optics, knowledge of FCC Parts 90 and 101 rules and regulations and the FCC licensing process. This position will be a primary resource for IP/MPLS/Ethernet network design for the MPSCS and provides interpretation and explanation of various policies, procedures, rules, work methods, services, etc., at an entry level to advanced level.
• Design and analyze IP/MPLS/Ethernet network systems for new and existing MPSCS systems using sound engineering skills.
• Research and monitor new networking technologies, proposing their implementation into MPSCS systems as appropriate. Identify potential financial or functional impacts to the MPSCS to changes in technology and obsoletion of equipment.
• Develop studies and other methods to analyze and optimize network functionality and write procedures and standards to assure optimum utilization of MPSCS networks ensuring a high level of service to the users.
• Develop tracking mechanisms and capture data from the staff or networking tools to track network trends/changes.
• Develop recommendations for changes that can positively impact network operation.
• Provide reports and/or white papers involving network configuration and analysis.
• Provide IP/MPLS/Ethernet network administration support for the MPSCS.
• Provide input into and act as project engineer for the planning, configuration, designing and updating of MPSCS network infrastructure to meet the dynamics of the system, ensuring a high level of service. This includes necessary software updates, hardware configurations, and other related needs.
• Develop designs, standards, and procedures to assess and ensure MPSCS network security.
• Act as project engineer on MPSCS projects requiring engineering efforts related to job duties.

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