.Net Programmer with SQL Server/SSRS, C#, ASP.Net, Visual Studio and MVC framework experience


.Net Programmer with SQL Server/SSRS, C#, ASP.Net, Visual Studio and MVC framework experience

Location: Columbia SC

Qty: 2
Duration: 4 Months

Job Description: Scope of Project: The SC Department has a project currently running that has an immediate need for a Systems Software Programmer with a background that includes ASP.Net and C#, Visual Studio and SQL Server technologies. The agency acquired a solution from the Oregon Department that will automate a work process for our Auditing team. This programming position will be responsible for reviewing business requirements, standing up the acquired solution, reviewing the existing code, modifying the existing code, unit testing, and documentation of specific application components in support of this project. Programmer will produce pieces of or change the current solution architecture documentation package and participate in the build, release, and deployment of scripts. Install/deploy code or stage code for deployment.

1. Review existing code, modify code, and test application components and modules for completion of web-based application and system. Modify/create deployment packages utilizing enterprise versioning software in support of upgrades, migrations, and custom application remediation. Test and distribute deployment of code and solutions on to target test servers and production servers.

2. Integrates software, tests and modifies components and application modules produced by an outside entity, so that these modules perform as designed in the Department environment.
3. Develops the necessary documentation for project storyboards, functional specifications, systems & end-user documentation through a process of meeting with customers and clients, documenting the requirements specified by those clients, and translating those requirements into technical documentation and specifications.
4. Investigates errors and problems within application components and modules, remediates and solves these issues, and communicates these solutions to application customers and users using specific application defect-tracking methodology and software.
5. Report progress weekly to management and project manager.

Background Checks:

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