.Net Developer with C#, ASP, Visual Studio, SSRS/SSAS/SSIS, SQL Server, Visio Data Modeler, data warehousing, ETL and government experience

INWR 14-11
.Net Developer with C#, ASP, Visual Studio, SSRS/SSAS/SSIS, SQL Server, Visio Data Modeler, data warehousing, ETL and government experience

Location: Olympia WA
Duration: 8 months

Mandatory & Desirable Knowledge and/or Skills Matrix (wiht points for each skill)

At least 5 years of IT experience developing application systems with ASP, .NET 3.5 to 4.5, XML, Jquery, and C# using Visual Studio. 30

Demonstrated ability to write reports with SQL Server reporting Services (SSRS). 20
Demonstrated ability to develop SQL Server code and stored procedure programming in SQL Server 2008R2. 20
Demonstrated ability to do relational database design with Visio Data Modeler. 15

Demonstrated ability to use agile development principles and practices in team environment. 10
Demonstrated people skills to work in a team environment and facilitate productive communication amongst its members. 5

Desirable Knowledge, Skills and Abilities with Points for each item:

Demonstrated experience working with government projects, applications, and users. 5
Demonstrated ability to work with processes for the review, negotiation, and acceptance of formal project deliverables. 10
Demonstrated experience in interface development or interface rewrites. 20

Demonstrated ability to develop and document data warehouse cube design and experience with implementing SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). 25

Demonstrated experience working with student growth algorithms and visualization. 30
Demonstrated ability to create complex ETL packages in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). 10

To allow prompt assessment of skills and work experience, include relevant employment experience and length of time where the specific skill or technologies were used during each employment. The matrix provided is the form used for assessment of the Contractor’s relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities. This functional-chronological presentation of resume-sourced information is required in order to be given credit. If multiple skill and technologies were used, please state them. (For example: “During a two year employment at Company ABC, developed an application that calculated the cost of estimating contracts using .NET for 12 months, and C++ for 6 months.” Time doing: 18 months).

Include information briefly outlining any previous experience that each Candidate Contractor has from other OSPI, K12, or education work assignments including prior performance. If there are no prior associations, make a statement indicating none.

Three (3) references are required for each Proposed Contractor. The following information is required:
• Name of Proposed Contractor
• Name of Reference
• Title/Position of Reference
• Name of Company/Firm of Reference
• Phone number and E-mail address of Reference

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