.Net Developer/Architect with C#, ASP.net, Oracle and healthcare experience

Job ID: TX-52919087 (913190111)

.Net Developer/Architect with C#, ASP.net, Oracle and healthcare experience

Location: Austin TX (DHHS)
Duration: 12 months

Minimum Requirements:
Years Required/Preferred Experience
5 Required Experience in computer programming, analysis and development of complex business processes and system solutions
5 Required Experience in coding, testing, and debugging of programs that are in development and/or requiring support for issue resolution, performance or enhancement
5 Required Ability to process information logically; to design programs and systems logic; to prepare program specifications.
5 Required Highly developed oral and written communications skills
5 Required High level of interpersonal skills to work effectively with others motivate employee and elicit work output
3 Required Knowledge and understanding of Information Technology industry trends, directions and market experience; ability to relate them to own organization
3 Required Knowledge of architectural concepts, principles, and tools relevant to infrastructure, information, applications, organizational structure, etc.
3 Required Knowledge of emerging technologies (new to company systems as well as those that are new to the information systems industry)
3 Required Knowledge of tools, techniques and good practices for protecting the integrity of corporate data and associated processing, company technology practices, standards and procedures
3 Required Knowledge of solution delivery utilizing Agile or Scrum methodology
2 Preferred Familiarity with company’s information architecture and information management methodologies
2 Preferred Familiarity with the existing and planned software technology and the global, regional and local software architecture and infrastructure components

The Department of Information Resources (DIR) requires the services of one (1) Software Developer II, hereafter referred to as Worker, who meets the general qualification of Software Developer and the specifications outlined in this document for Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Information Technology.
EJF 1 Designs, codes and modifies complex computer programs, subroutines, triggers, stored procedures, objects, classes and scripts using C#, ASP.net, and Oracle Database. Performs necessary testing of assigned programs, including the generation of test data, writing test scripts/execution sequences, examining test results, debugging detected errors, etc. Uses current software development methods/techniques and established development standards (which include programming standards, documentation standards and testing standards) to ensure the quality and maintainability of applications. Participates in code reviews to ensure compliance with development standards and system/business requirements. (35%)
EJF 2 Works with trainers, technical support staff, network specialists and contract staff to perform modifications and/or updates to existing systems or to implement new systems. Identifies, investigates and resolves production problems. This may include analyzing problems, coding, testing, implementing and training of other technical staff and/or customers. (25%)
EJF 3 Analyzes requirements for new applications/enhancements to be implemented in the division. (10%)
EJF 4 Works with a software development team. Communicates with other team members to coordinate development efforts. Provides development status to the team leader or project manager. (20%)
EJF 5 Assists in the development and maintenance of systems documentation. (10%)


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