.Net/Angular Developer with agile/scrum, REST, architecture/framework experience

Job ID: UT-63121 (90090628)

.Net/Angular Developer with agile/scrum, REST, architecture/framework experience

Duration 12 Months
Location 195 N 1950 W Salt Lake City UT
a screenshot of the resources skills assessment result in .NET core, and documentation of your right to represent the resource

Skill Set
Experience with .NET core 2.x
Experience with Agile/Scrum
Experience with REST service (with .NET core 2.x)
Has experience in Architecture / Framework Experience / has tech Leadership

+ If resource has Angular experience, this is a bonus but the focus is .NET Core for this posting.
This person would work with our architecture team and eventually, probably regular development teams. A lot of our architecture framework has been written, but there is more to do. We are also going to be doing a lot of .Net development in coming years, and we would look to this person to help mentor and train existing team members and bring the skills level up.

"I really want someone with some technical leadership experience. I want someone who not just knows Agile, but believes in it and evangelize. We are currently doing agile, but we need to pull it up to a better level and I would like a new person who can help float that boat. I would also like someone who is disciplined in terms of planning, technical specification and documentation."

Scoring Criteria:
40% – Experience with .NET Core
15% – Experience with Agile/Scrum
15% – Architecture/Framework Experience / Tech Leadership
30% – Cost
Resume Ranking – [Min-0 And Max-10]

MMR – .NET Core KSSOW 19032 (1).xlsx

Skill IQ Instructions (1).pdf


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