Machine Learning Engineer with Python, TensorFlow, Caffe, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Tabula, Azure/ AWS, neural networks, vision, imaging, BPMN, MySQL, Web Services, QA and SQL experience

Job Id: MP-Machine_Learning (94191011)

Machine Learning Engineer with Python, TensorFlow, Caffe, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Tabula, Azure/ AWS, neural networks, vision, imaging, BPMN, MySQL, Web Services, QA and SQL experience

Location: Tampa, FL
Duration: 6+ Months

Qualifications Basic:

 Master’s degree in a machine learning discipline

 7+ years of work experience in developing Business IT Applications, Digital technologies, and Platform implementation.

 Practical experience of developing machine learning systems a plus.

 Strong software skills in Python

 Experience in using machine learning frameworks and libraries such as TensorFlow, Caffe, Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, or similar deep learning software.

 Experience with Tabula a plus

 Experience with Cloud hosting platforms and associated technologies such as MS Azure or AWS.

Excellent math skills.
 Designing and training deep neural networks.

 Computer vision and imaging.

 Lead and work with ML engineers and data scientists to build smart automation & ML applications.

 Assess how a given problem can be addressed using advanced data analytics and/or various ML techniques.

 Identify what kind of data in which format should be collected in order to solve the problem.

 Identify which advanced data analytics or machine learning technique, such as reinforced learning, deep learning or traditional ML, is more suitable for the problem.

 Clean & structure the data and build training & validate data sets by applying advance feature-engineering techniques.

 Training models and showing that they can perform better than the baseline.
 Implement from early exploration to production.

 Set up development and test environments for advanced analytics and machine learning projects.

 Strong understanding of programming concepts and a programming background with Python.

 Strong understanding of Process Design documents, Technical Design documents and BPMN 2.0 standards.

 Understands development methodology and lifecycle.
 Strong understanding with software quality assurance procedures and processes

 Strong understanding of web technologies, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, xml, xaml.


The Machine Learning Engineer will be responsible for developing custom solutions specializing in TensorFlow technology to support the overall enterprise application initiatives. Guides team members in design, development, testing and maintenance of custom application projects across the organization.
Able to engineer process patterns for the purposes of creating reusable assets within enterprise architecture.
Utilizes best practices to ensure automations meet business requirements and meets stated targets for efficiency.
Must be able to advise and/or develop multiple projects and ensure delivery within the given timeline.
Will be called upon to coach, mentor and assist end users in advanced design techniques and best practices. Candidates must possess knowledge of mathematical and statistical methods as well as a proven ability to solve complex problems.
A desire to work with large data sets and apply creative thinking is required.
Successful candidates will also have deep interest in learning about Intelligent Process Automation.

Key Responsibilities Include:

 Develop projects ensuring adherence to set standards and solution architecture.

 Ability to analyze, observe, and document multiple processes to capture the underlying process steps and applications used to complete business process workflows.  Experienced in developing and maintaining code base independently with minimal supervision.

 Create and maintain Solution documentation.  Complies with and helps to enforce design and coding standards, policies and procedures.  Develop or recommend altering or reengineer process to further automate or improve automation potential.

 Develop, configure applications that are efficient, well structured, maintainable and easy to understand.

 Support existing code base and implement change requirements as part of a structured change control process.

 Problem solve issues that arise in day to day running of applications and provide timely responses and solutions as required

 Develop applications such that they result in re-useable assets and artifacts that can be leveraged across other projects.

 Run application projects coordinating with business stakeholders and IT leads.  Adhere to TensorFlow framework for automation projects to ensure manageability and maintainability of code base.

 Strong understanding of relational database design, writing queries and stored procedures with MySQL or Microsoft SQL

 Strong understanding of Object Oriented Analysis and Development within large enterprise level applications

 Strong understanding of software design patterns  Strong understanding of SOAP, Web Services and APIs.

 Strong understanding of Docker or Kubernetes container frameworks and implementation.

 Strong analytical skills and able to improvise configuration / coding to new situations.

 Self-motivated, team player, action and results oriented.

 Well-organized with excellent communication and reporting skills.

 Ability to work closely with users and translating user requirements into solution designs

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