M-Files Enterprise Architect with ECMS, data migration scripting, workflow, performance tuning and TEA PSF division experience

Job ID: TX-70120032 (916790923)

M-Files Enterprise Architect with ECMS, data migration scripting, workflow, performance tuning and TEA PSF division experience

Location: Austin TX (TEA)
Duration: 12 months (720 hrs/year)

Minimum Requirements:
Years Skills/Experience
8 Experience with analyzing customer service requirements and designing service solutions to meet those objectives.
8 Experience with maintaining and utilizing detailed industry and internal services knowledge in the construction of industry-leading services solutions, including expert working-level knowledge of relevant processes, technologies, and components.
8 Experience with following all organizational Standard Operating Procedures relative to cost modeling, approvals and reviews, and all other associated workflows and deliverables.
8 Experience with project implementation including providing formal advice as well as analysis, design and development of program code and conducting internal customer training/presentations.
8 Experience in the role of Enterprise Architect as a Technical Project Lead in an Enterprise Content Management Systems implementation.
8 Skills in working with customer and staff to support technical strategy and control objectives.
5 Experience implementing Enterprise Content Management Systems.
1 Architecting and Implementing M-Files Solutions. Skill in translating the client’s business requirements into specific systems, applications or process designs for M-Files. Ability to serve as a primary expert in constructing specific solutions for M-Files.
0.5 Experience with M-Files implementation. Experience should be current within the last 18 months.

Years Skills/Experience
1 Knowledge of the specific document management requirements of the various functional areas within the TEA PSF division.

The Permanent School Fund Enterprise Content Management System (M-files) provides a centralized repository that is used to store the division documents. This position will work with the PSF Investment Technology team to provide the following Software Migration and Development Services:
1. Serve as a "trusted expert advisor" /Subject Matter Expert for M-Files related technical services to internal customers.
2. Assist with bulk Data Migration Scripting.
3. Recommend best practices for data migration.
4. Implement modifications and enhancements including but not limited to views, workflows and document types.
5. Development of M-Files modifications and enhancements including automated unit test cases.
6. Performance tuning.


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