Lead Business Analyst/ PM with SharePoint, Project Web App, Jira, Confluence, Bizagi, Atlassian, eGRC and Medicaid/ Social Services experience

Job Id: IN-8392-1 (910391009)

Lead Business Analyst/ PM with SharePoint, Project Web App, Jira, Confluence, Bizagi, Atlassian, eGRC and Medicaid/ Social Services experience

Location: Columbia, SC
Duration: 12 Months


1. 8+ years coordinating and managing complex business projects
2. 8+ years of experience in the authoring and management of documents and artifacts
3. 8+ years of ownership of business process improvement and decision making responsibilities


1. Prior experience in working with MS SharePoint, Project Web App, Jira, Confluence and eGRC systems.
2. Prior Health Information Technology and/or Program experience.


1. College Degree required. Preference will be given to, in no particular order:
a. BS degree in Business
b. BA or BS degree in Public Administration, Public Health or Public Policy

Category Name Required Importance Level Last Used Experience
Administrative business process improvement No 1
Administrative Document Management No 1
Database Platforms MS SharePoint No 1
Education BA Degree- Technical, Business, or Healthcare field Yes 3 Lead Within 6 Months 6 + Years
Program Management Project Management experience No 1


The Solution Delivery Analyst will serve as a liaison between EEMS leadership and the EEMS team to facilitate clear articulation and delivery of solutions to business process needs while keeping the team focused on an ambitious timeline for system, process, and service delivery improvement in order to prepare for a system conversion and release in early 2020.

We are looking for candidates who are highly organized, can work independently in a fast-paced environment and produce multiple quality deliverables with varying deadlines. Candidates must be able to analyze data and trends to identify issues that could negatively impact progress and communicate those trends and issues to agency leadership. Candidates should be self-starters and creative problem solvers and have the flexibility to learn new products and technologies quickly.

Essential Responsibilities

1. Work alongside appropriate staff, teams, stakeholders and other points of contact (POCs) as required, to understand the goals and objectives of high volume workloads within complex information systems
2. Ability to plan, organize, and motivate teams to achieve both clearly defined and “in-flight” business processes
3. Work with technical staff and business stakeholders to create deliverables and artifacts that are intended for audiences of varying levels of technical knowledge
4. Organize and write supporting technical and project documents as needed
5. Revise documents as changes or modifications to information systems and services occur
6. Organize and maintain a document repository of all documents and artifacts
7. Manage multiple complex projects thru completion using project management principles
Program Experience:

Current experience with Medicaid, Social Services, or similar state public benefit programs is strongly desired and will be given the highest weight. Experience must include well documented success in the performance of processes and procedures supportive of continuous process improvement.

Experience with assessment, development and management of groups of varying sizes and capacities who are working towards multiple goals with varying stakeholders and deadlines. Particular weight will be given to individuals who have experience with groups beholden to federal, state, and/or industry compliance and/or timeliness standards.

Experience with multi-vendor environments is preferred.

Technical Knowledge:

Knowledge of various systems including; workflow management, document management, data, and processing systems. Ability to generate and interpret reports from such systems.

General Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Assist (and often lead) in the design, development, implementation and/or ongoing maturation of department
policies, processes, systems and/ or artifacts
2. Provide leadership and workflow management of the day-to-day tasks related to eligibility, enrollment and
member services
3. Analyze daily business processes and align them to agency goals and objectives in order to create a
proactive roadmap for the business unit
4. Participate in assessment of internal agency systems as well as business partner/service provider
information systems
5. Utilize Microsoft Office software suite, eGRC system, Bizagi, Atlassian and other products to document and
report on information gathered OIM efforts
6. Collaborate with agency leadership, business partners and other parties/stakeholders to provide
recommendations on business process improvements
7. Provide project management oversight to projects identified by EEMS leadership

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