Lead BA/PM (IIBA) with Agile, workflow, Redmine and higher education experience

Job ID: MNSITE-1108 (910090614)

Lead BA/PM (IIBA) with Agile, workflow, Redmine and higher education experience

Location: St Paul MN (Office of Higher Education (OHE))
Duration: 12 months
Interview: In-person

Minimum Qualifications
• Seven (7) years’ experience in a Business Analyst role
o A Master’s degree substitutes for three years of experience, or a Bachelor’s degree substitutes for two years, or an Associate’s degree substitutes for one year
• Two (2) engagements lasting more than 12 months in a Business Analyst role
• Past experience in any project management activities

Desired Skills
• Experience with agile and/or iterative development
• Lead BA experience
• Bachelor’s degree in Information Services
• Business Analyst Certification (IIBA certification or equivalent)

Sample Tasks
• Elicit requirements using interviews, document analysis, business process models, independent business analysis, competitive product analysis, task and workflow analysis, and/or viewpoints.
• Write requirements specifications according to standard templates, using natural language simply, clearly, unambiguously, and concisely. Represent requirements using alternative views, such as analysis models (diagrams), prototypes, or scenarios, where appropriate.
• Decompose high-level business and user requirements into functional requirements specifying an appropriate level of detail suitable for use by those who must base their work on the requirements.
• Identify business processes; define quality attributes, external interfaces, constraints, and other nonfunctional requirements.
• Lead requirements analysis and verification, ensuring that requirement statements are complete, consistent, concise, comprehensible, traceable, feasible, unambiguous, and verifiable, and that they conform to standards.
• Participate in requirements prioritization and facilitate the negotiation of requirements amongst multiple stakeholders.
• Analyze and document business requirements and required data to deliver work products throughout the project life cycle.
• Translate business requirements to System/Functional specifications, and pass them on to Application Developers.
• Coordinate Business Validation to verify that a set of end-to-end business processes function as intended.
• Manage requirements traceability information and track requirements status throughout the project.
• Manage changes to baselined requirements through effective application of change control processes and tools.
• Work with the project manager in managing the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and ensuring it reflects the project’s scope.
• Enter, update, maintain, and report progress related to individual work items entered into the Redmine work management system.
• Facilitate the delivery team to ensure roadblocks are raised and addressed; progress is reported daily; and the team works collaboratively in delivering business value.
• Assist the project manager and architect in iteration and sprint planning
• Assist in project management when the project manager is not onsite or unavailable.

Description of Project
This request is on behalf of the Office of MNIT Services (MNIT) partnering with the Office of Higher Education (OHE).

OHE program tasks are based on overly complex configurations of manual processes and diverse but aging methods and software technologies. This complexity makes the methods difficult to optimize, manage, or even observe. Some of the larger implementations are done in aging technologies that are falling behind in terms of industry standards. In some cases, methods are out of compliance with state standards to the point where becoming compliant requires technology replacement along with process re-engineering. While many of the issues have been apparent to OHE management and staff for some time, insufficient technical resources are available to rectify them. This project exists to begin the process of replacing existing aging methods with more modernized easier to support methods. A business analyst is needed to take the business process documents within each of the eleven business units and convert them into testable business requirements. Analyst will also need to enter and track requirements while ensuring traceability from business requirement through release. Candidate should have a good understanding and experience in project management as it relates to Work Breakdown Structures, project schedules, and time tracking. The BA will need to act in the role of project manager when the assigned project manager is not on site or available.

There is a project manager assigned to the project but is splitting time between two separate projects. Direction will be provided by the project manager on the OHE Technology Modernization Project but it will be necessary for the BA to take on some of the project management activities when the assigned project manager is not on site. Candidate should be able to effectively transition between both roles and is not expected to make project management related decisions; only carry out the directions laid out by the assigned project manager.


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