JDE E1 CNC Admin with build/deployment, upgrade, OMW, OCM, Security server, C++, Development Tool Set, logical server and Disaster Recovery/DR experience

Job ID: FL-119792 (98590510)

JDE E1 CNC Admin with build/deployment, upgrade, OMW, OCM, Security server, C++, Development Tool Set, logical server and Disaster Recovery/DR experience

Location: Tallahassee FL (Florida Lottery)
Duration: 1-4 years

• 8+ years of experience in software engineering and/or software architecture. Seven (7) years as CNC Administrator of the JDE E1 application, at least four (4) years in a most senior capacity CNC role;
• Business analyst level understanding of a wide range of processes, particularly order entry, purchasing;
• Installation, setup and configuration of JDE E1 environments, path codes, subsystems, Object Management Workbench (OMW) for project promotions, package builds and deployments, Object Configuration Management (OCM) Mappings, and Security Server;
• Fluent user of JDE E1 Development Tool Set, able to build and modify master business functions, and program in C++;
• Hands on experience with logical server installations, configuration, and security workbench processes;
• Expert knowledge of multiple foundations, OMW Transfer rules, roles, subsystems, and JDE E1 application servers;
• Ability or knowledge to communicate and do joint troubleshooting with application developers;
• A four (4) year degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics, or physical sciences or equivalent relevant work experience; and
• Experience developing, implementing and planning Disaster Recovery for JDE E1.

• Install, configure, modify, upgrade, administer, tune and troubleshoot all aspects of the JDE E1 application, particularly the complex and proprietary CNC middleware layer.
• Execute daily CNC administration tasks including object package builds and deployments, security revisions, user administration and other maintenance.
• Design and plan new server installs, application and middleware upgrades, and the porting of customized code to new releases and work with other technical resources to implement the foregoing.
• Manage performance of JDE E1 components through proactive tuning and troubleshooting.
• Install electronic software updates (ESUs) to keep system stable, secure and in vendor support range.
• Coordinate all CNC work with and provide learning opportunities and knowledge transfer to Lottery JDE support staff.
• Provide bi-weekly detailed written reports and timekeeping of all activities to assigned management personnel.
• Develop detailed step by step documentation for procedures where none exist.
• The Lottery reserves the right to extend or expand the statement of work of the resultant Agreement to other related projects.

The Lottery is seeking to augment its systems integration team with a technical resource that has experience with the technical implementation and support of the JDE E1 business accounting software.
The successful candidate will possess the necessary expertise to configure, analyze and tune the JDE E1 application to support business processes and functions. The selected candidate must be knowledgeable and experienced with all aspects of administering the JDE E1 software product and tools. The Lottery is currently on JDE E1 version 9.0 and expects to upgrade to version 9.2 in the upcoming year. The selected candidate must have experience with both versions and have proven skills in the planning and execution of the migration process.


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