(Cancelled)Java Web Developer with web services, SQL, RESTful, Git, Bitbucket, Kubernetes/Docker, CI/CD, Spring Boot/React.JS, Node.js, Confluence and MuleSoft experience

Job ID: TX-304132963 (914490101)

(Cancelled)Java Web Developer with web services, SQL, RESTful, Git, Bitbucket, Kubernetes/Docker, CI/CD, Spring Boot/React.JS, Node.js, Confluence and MuleSoft experience

Location: Austin TX (CPA)
Duration: 8+ months

Minimum Requirements:
Candidates that do not meet or exceed the minimum stated requirements (skills/experience) will be displayed to customers but may not be chosen for this opportunity.
Required Years Required/Preferred Experience
8 Required Professional experience in software development building production software systems
8 Required Experience with Java programming language
5 Required Experience developing and implementing highly scalable, high throughput web services and backend systems in a large-scale Enterprise environment
5 Required Experience with SQL (relational databases), key-value datastores, and document stores
5 Required Experience designing and implementing secure RESTful web services
5 Required Experience with code reviews and in-depth code analysis
5 Required Experience with highly complex application security requirements
4 Required Experience with Git, Bitbucket
4 Required Experience completing system documentation
3 Required Experience with Kubernetes and Docker
3 Required Experience designing and building Microservices
3 Required Experience developing/deploying software with a CI/CD pipeline including build automation/continuous integration, test automation, and deployment automation
3 Required Experience with Agile teams that have iteratively and incrementally delivered software while practicing code review
2 Required Experience with Spring Boot and React.JS
2 Required Experience with Node.js
2 Required Experience with coaching, mentoring and knowledge transfer to junior level software developers and other personnel as required
5 Preferred Experience working with enterprise software solutions
3 Preferred Experience with knowledge transfer to junior level web developers
2 Preferred Public sector experience (Federal, State or Local Government)
2 Preferred Experience with Confluence
2 Preferred Proficient with the Microsoft Office products, including Outlook, TEAMS, Microsoft Project, Word, Visio, Excel and PowerPoint
1 Preferred Experience with MuleSoft API development.

CPA will require the Worker to work on the following initiatives and will perform advanced analysis/programming tasks such as:
• Participating in all phases of SDLC, including design, software development and code review.
• Performing extensive code reviews and analysis.
• Writing reports on code analysis to determine if industry standards and best practices are being followed; provide analysis to address found short comings.
• Providing guidance and knowledge sharing to existing development staff.

Must be able to:
· work with Business Customers, Section Managers, Project Managers, Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in a professional and collaborative manner to define strategies, implementation approaches and provide creative solutions to complex problems.
. create well-designed, documented, and tested software solutions that meet strict availability, concurrency and low latency requirements.
· turn high-level requirements into a working system through iterative development
· identify and address product bugs, deficiencies, and performance bottlenecks in a timely manner.
· write unit tests
· develop processes and procedures for Application Services.
· stay abreast of current technologies, industry standards and best practices
· be productive working independently or in a team environment (both local and remote) with minimal supervision.

Must possess:
· knowledge of DevOps concepts and methodologies
· a solid understanding of latest web technologies
· strong written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills.
· strong problem-solving skills and ability to multi-task with readiness to put in extra effort when necessary

Must perform other related work as assigned :
Onsite Requirement: Worker will be working remotely since all Application Services programmers are teleworking. Onsite work will be very limited and must be pre-approved by the Project Manager/Direct Supervisor
On-call Requirement: Worker may be required to provide support to an on-call programmer.


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