Java AWS Lead with NodeJS, AWS EC2/RDS/SQS/IAM/EBS, DynamoDB and Python experience

Job ID: MP-7718436 (97091210)

Java AWS Lead with NodeJS, AWS EC2/RDS/SQS/IAM/EBS, DynamoDB and Python experience

Location: Manhattan, NY / Oak Brook /Chicago
Duration: 12 months
Passport#: mandatory

Required Skills:
EC2, S3 , Amazon Simple DB , Amazon RDS , Amazon Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon SQS , AWS Identity and access management, AWS Cloud Watch, Amazon EBS and Amazon Cloud Front, Java, Python, Node JS

Java programing using AWS SDK libraries (Eg. Boto3)
Data modeling and analysis skills (Structure – relational, json, xml and Semi-structured )
Experience in working with Relational and NoSQL database
AWS services : S3,Lambda, Kenesis FH, RedShift, Beanstalk
Developing components and jobs for Server-less architecture
Skill in building data pipelines using Lambda, AWS Glue or Athena, other AWS services etc
( for application developer, experience in building REST APIs, Microservices and Microservices patterns & framework like Flask, Django, Express.js, Hapi.js etc )
Development & deployment experience for CI/CD process
AWS DevOps process and tools like CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodeStar etc
Migration of workload to AWS in self-motivated, experimental and agile manner. adopting to new AWS and tool/technologies.
Experience in Big Data platform & tools ( Hadoop, PIG, HIVE, Spark, Sqoop etc ) an added advantage.

Experience :
3 to 5 years hands on experience in designing, building and implementing Microservices, REST APIs, in AWS
Domain Driven Design and Test Driven development experience
Experience in agile project team as agile project team member

Job description :
Assess current components and analyze for re-architecting, design, develop, implement data processing in AWS adhering to AWS best practices
Design & Develop application and data processing components / microservices / REST APIs
Design and develop server-less components and code for Lambda, EMR steps in java or Python
Appropriately leverage the AWS services for relevant on-prem workload
Should assess, validate and make technical decisions proactively during development and document and put forward the pros and cons.

Education/Certifications: BS in Computer Science or similar degree

Develop and implement solutions, based on a set of standards, patterns and processes which establish consistency across the enterprise data, reduce risk, and promote efficiencies in support of the organization’s goals and objectives.
Developing full stack solutions and continuous delivery frameworks that improve the ability of the IT delivery teams to efficiently deliver solutions with quality.
Write complex code, building infrastructure as code, work with immutable “cloud” based environments, and build the supporting automated toolsets to test and deploy the systems they develop.
Responsible for the quality of their work; will develop and implement a set of quality criteria and the associated validation method to ensure that any deliverable meets the expected quality levels of our customers, use quality management to ensure quality levels are maintained, seek new approaches and techniques to improve quality levels, employ reviews and observations to maintain the quality and continuous improvement process, and analyze the impact of quality control and quality assurance on project performance.
Use metrics to establish feasibility of new initiatives and develop plans, including budget, sequencing and time frames.
Actively review their own and the team’s work processes and implements improvements seen from other teams or in industry to drive continuous improvement of the team’s efficiency, speed, and quality
The candidate will also take responsibility for creating design specifications, unit testing, and preparing technical documentation.

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