iSeries/COBOL Developer with DBX/HawkEye, Agile and IT security audit experience

Job ID: WA-K1178 (915090905)

iSeries/COBOL Developer with DBX/HawkEye, Agile and IT security audit experience

Location: Olympia WA (WSLCB)
Duration: 1-2 years

Minimum Qualifications
We are looking for midrange iSeries development experience. We are not interested in 390 mainframe experience.
1. Required:
• At least 5 years of recent experience and knowledge of maintaining complex iSeries applications using COBOL.
• Strong development skills with hands on experience and troubleshooting skills.
• Strong understanding of the software development cycle and experience with Agile delivery.
• Strong written and communication skills.
• Proven ability to deliver products with highest quality and on time.

2. Desired:
• Post-secondary education and/or degree in Information Technology or a related field.
• Demonstrated experience in working in an environment where IT security best practices, policies and procedures are required and audited, with having responsibility for enforcing and administering policies and procedures

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board is in the process of a Systems Modernization Project (SMP), this system will be replacing the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB)’s legacy licensing, enforcement, imaging and stand-alone applications with an integrated solution built around a Commercial Off- the-Shelf (COTS) product. This project has a very short timeframe to architect the integrations of existing applications with the selected COTS solution while maintaining existing 30+ years COBOL legacy applications at the same period. The purpose of this Work Order is to enter into an agreement for COBOL Developer to primarily assist with data migration, retrieving business requirements from the existing COBOL iSeries applications, and secondarily provide operational support of existing COBOL programs and plan the decommissioning of the legacy COBOL applications, in collaboration with other WSLCB team members. Contract Staff must have foundation in COBOL application development and maintenance preferably with iSeries experience.

2.1.1 General
The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board is initiating this Work Request to solicit responses for a COBOL Developer. It is anticipated that the COBOL Developer will need to provide approximately 125 hours of service, per month, for the WSLCB. The Contractor Staff shall complete functions including, but not limited to the following
2.1.2 Specific Tasks and Expectations:
1. Provide operational support of existing COBOL programs.
2. Participate in the decommissioning of the legacy COBOL applications.
3. Review COBOL application interactive processes and interfaces to define business flows and business rules.
4. Lead the analysis and resolution of production issues in existing COBOL applications
5. Read existing COBOL application and experience in viewing data in Subfiles to identify bad data in the flat files.
6. Use Data Base Cross-referencing (DBX) software (HawkEye) for cross referencing files and programs.
7. Apply Lean/Agile methods and advanced technical knowledge to evaluate and develop a solution (applications, interfaces and relational databases), and execute quality assurance testing and performance.
8. Collaborate with other software developers, business analysts and software architects to plan, design, develop, test and maintain WSLCB COBOL applications.

2.1.3 Work Requirements:
The Contractor Staff will work collaboratively with the WSLCB staff in activities which may include, but are not limited to:
1. Conducting analysis or gathering information with WSLCB staff.
2. Seeking input or direction from the WSLCB staff or management.
3. Development of any criteria for decision making choosing among options.
4. Peer review and feedback on work assignments.
5. Preparing materials, demo system, or data for presentations.
6. Maintenance of a work or task plan.
7. When requested, participation in meetings and teleconferences with the WSLCB staff, and provide input to business and customers and other team members.
8. Sharing knowledge with the WSLCB employees, including knowledge transfer to FTE technical staff and coaching or mentoring business area customers is required on all work completed.

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