Infrastructure Architect/System Admin with Linux/Windows, J2EE, Apache Struts, Oracle, and Utility/Energy industry experience

Job ID: TX-LCRA11210 (911390925)

Infrastructure Architect/System Admin with Linux/Windows, J2EE, Apache Struts, Oracle, and Utility/Energy industry experience

Location: Austin TX (LCRA)
Duration: 6 months

Minimum Requirements:
Years Skills/Experience
15 Experience as an enterprise advisor for large projects.
10 Experienced in patch installations: Linux and Windows Operating Systems, J2EE, Apache Struts, Oracle Database, ERP and reporting applications.
10 Experience establishing and implementing project management and technical processes, methodologies, and tools to minimize risk and enable service reliability
10 Experience supporting multiple technology systems including enterprise software applications, Oracle hardware and software, networks, servers, and security to ensure optimal performance and efficiency of all components
Strong Ability to interview Digital Services (IT) personnel, and deliver documentation describing standard operating processes and procedures

Years Skills/Experience
Strong Experience with a Utility or Energy Based company a plus
Strong Good teamwork skills, ability to collaborate with other functional and technical staff on the project.
Strong Strong interpersonal skill and the ability to collaborate effectively on diverse teams

The LCRA Enterprise Financial Operations Re-engineering (EFOR) Project is preparing for the re-engineering of PeopleSoft Financials version 9.2, Maximo 7.6, and Oracle Business Intelligence and is posting this position for the worker of the EFOR project.

LCRA Digital Services team has initiated efforts to standardize environment patching, operational policies, procedures and documentation of existing and pending enterprise architecture changes, and is posting this position to support these efforts. Currently, LCRA’s enterprise application architecture includes PeopleSoft, IBM Maximo, Oracle Business Intelligence, and other ancillary applications.

This position will be responsible for assisting LCRA with the enterprise application architecture environment patching, and documentation of enterprise application architecture as it relates to the changes with the EFOR project. The worker must have extensive knowledge of what is required to perform routine patch assessment and patch installations, as well as assess, administer, and document the results of an enterprise application architecture change.

Duties for this position will include:
• Identify and implement enterprise application environment patching to keep EFOR application environments compliant with LCRA Digital Services policies.
• Conduct a holistic assessment of the current production application and the resulting technical environment changes
• Develop a high-level asset document. This document will include descriptions of enterprise assets, applications, hardware, servers, network, and related security elements.
• Collaborate with the LCRA Digital Services team to develop an enterprise application installation document for PeopleSoft, Maximo and Oracle Business Intelligence.
• Develop an infrastructure topology map that visualizes how the applications are connected to each other, showing touchpoints, hardware, firewalls, network and external facing exposure.
• Develop a transaction flow deliverable to visually represent enterprise application integration points to serve as a quick reference guide
• Create a configuration management plan to track status and changes to application and infrastructure configuration items.
• Collaborate with LCRA Digital Services to develop a high availability strategy and disaster recovery plan for PeopleSoft, Maximo and Oracle Business Intelligence.
• Define plan to transition the processes defined in this project to the Digital Services team for ongoing execution.
• Completes tasks in an efficient and timely manner while keeping project stakeholders informed;
Other Special Requirements (Optional): All entities replying to this request must be able pass an LCRA background check. In addition, all entities must sign a Confidentiality Agreement for any and all data not available to the general public as a condition of employment.


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