Healthcare PM with EDW, SOA, documentation and MITA/MESI/MMIS/HIT experience

Request ID: IN-8057-1 (915890528)

Healthcare PM with EDW, SOA, documentation and MITA/MESI/MMIS/HIT experience

Location: Columbia SC
Duration: 12 Months

• Demonstrates sound supervisory skills with efforts to promote equal opportunity
• Experience with developing software solutions based on SOA
• Ensures that all reporting and documentation for the MES Program are processed with high quality.
• Able to interpret and document business requirements to meet both state and federal requirements.
• Able to formulate technical resolutions to business issues.
• Able to troubleshoot and resolve problems.
• Able to work closely with others in a team environment.
• Able to work independently, self-motivated.

• Direct experience working on technical projects in Medicaid and/or human services bureaucracy organizations.
• HIT/MMIS/Client, certification courses and/or job related trainings.
• Advanced management skills.
• Direct experience managing development operations units for large, multi-vendor system integration projects.

Bachelors in IT, Business or equivalent experience

Under general supervision, manages, monitors and coordinates all tasks associated with the MES program. This includes managing costs, schedule, scope, and quality of all activities and deliverables on project. Responsible for execution of the MES software development lifecycle (SDLC), development of enterprise data services (EDS), and delivery of EDS for use by agency and external data trading partners.

Within project schedules and other defined deadlines, candidate will provide functional and technical services including:
• Performs fundamental supervisory and leadership functions in accordance with Department policies and procedures, best practices and Federal and State rules and regulations, especially with regard to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) standards. Maintains an effective organizational team and motivates diverse staff to accomplish mission critical operations and objectives. Promotes workforce engagement.
• Directs the MES Program by defining project objectives and scope by reviewing the MITA Standards and related regulations to determine time frames, available funding, procedures and various phases of the project life cycle. Manages and directs the program to ensure compliance with State and Federal regulations and awards.
• Direct Management of SC Client technical team, contract solution providers, and Medicaid Enterprise System Integrator (MESI) vendor. Strategic coordination of all project level contributions to the overall program effort utilizing MESI tools and development resources.
• Responsible for designing, managing, and incrementally improving a development operations unit dedicated to the creation of an integration hub and enterprise data warehouse (EDW) based on service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles.
• Development of enterprise data services for SC Client-sponsored IT projects, including (but not limited to) the Member Management Replacement Program (MMRP), the Replacement MMIS Program, and the Integrated Case Management Information System (ICMIS) Program.
• Responsible for building the MES leadership team at the program and project level by implementing concept of product and business ownership for all MES-related projects.
• Effective communication and risk management in conjunction with IV&V at the program level and Steering Committee at the Enterprise level.
• Develops the program budget and manages expenses within the allocated budget.
• Develops and implements a plan for communication throughout the agency. In conjunction with the Office of Communications, provides regular updates and status reports to federal entities, agency management and executive staff.
• Seeks opportunities for professional development for self and key program staff. Opportunities could be conferences related to HIT/MMIS/Client, certification courses related to job trainings or senior management skills.

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