100% Remote Healthcare/EDI BA with HL7, SQL, DML, VXU experience

Job ID: MNSITE-2026 (90090224)3P

100% Remote Healthcare/EDI BA with HL7, SQL, DML, VXU experience

Location: St Paul MN (MNIT)
Duration: 4 months
Visa: any
Attachments: RTR, Skillset

Minimum Qualifications:
-Three (3) years of experience working with HL7 data
-Three (3) years of combined experience writing and/or executing Standard Query Language (SQL) data manipulation language (DML) queries
Desired Skills
-Experience with HL7 VXU Immunization standard
-Ability to identify the components of an HL7 message including but not limited to messages, segments, elements, delimiter characters, and escape characters
-Ability to relate concepts and ideas documented in an HL7 implementation guide to the components in an HL7 message
-Experience documenting technical issues and communicating technical concepts using plain language to both technical and non-technical people in writing and orally
-Experience managing multiple concurrent projects following an established process
-Excellent organizational skills
-Ability to work effectively with people with varying technical knowledge and skills

Sample Tasks
-Review HL7 immunization messages received from MDH’s data exchange partners for compliance with HL7 Immunization data exchange standard (VXU) and MDH’s MIIC HL7 2.5.1 v1.5 updated guide
-Document and report data quality and standard compliance issues to the data exchange partners
-Manage issues with MDH’s immunization data exchange partners
-Work with multiple data exchange partners concurrently
-Coordinate onboarding technical activities between MDH program staff, MNIT Services staff, and MDH’s immunization data exchange partners
-Provide knowledge transfer to State staff
-Perform other related duties as assigned


2026 Matrix

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