Healthcare BA with SharePoint, PM and Medicaid/MMIS/TIERS experience

Job ID: TX-5299000005020 (98790617)

Healthcare BA with SharePoint, PM and Medicaid/MMIS/TIERS experience

Location: Austin TX (HHSC)
Duration: 12 months
Positoins: 2 (2/2)

Minimum Requirements:
Years Skills/Experience
3 Experience within HHS system (or other large healthcare or insurance entity) as a business analyst
3 SharePoint expertise and ability to make design changes to SharePoint sites
3 Proven ability to work successfully with technical and non-technical groups, and manage multiple responsibilities
3 Experience working with full agile system development lifecycle (SDLC)
3 Experience facilitating productive meetings to formulate business requirements and communicate stakeholder needs to technical staff
Strong Communication, analytical and interpersonal skills at all levels
Strong Ability to work on multiple projects or project assignments

Years Skills/Experience
2 Experience working with Texas Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) data and Texas Integrated Eligibility Redesign System (TIERS) OR with Health Care Data a plus

The Business Analyst position will report to the Director of the Medicaid/CHIP Systems team with assignment to the HHS Information Security team. This team is a part of the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Information Technology.
The Business Analyst will assist the IT Risk Analyst with elicitation, analysis and documentation of systems and state operations, and coordinate and facilitate meetings with Medicaid/CHIP Services (MCS) and IT stakeholders. The team will evaluate over 50 systems to complete system program and security plans and associated risk assessments.
This position will aid in analysis and documentation of systems necessary to complete the system program and security plans and to conduct risk assessments.
The Business Analyst’s responsibilities include:
• Working with subject matter experts across the HHS system to collect and update business and system data.
• Gathering information on HHS data source systems which consume or rely on provider enrollment data.
• Documentation of system program and security plans and risk assessment reports.
• Maintaining project repository in SharePoint.
• Loading collected data into the HHS Project Repository.
• Business process documentation.
• Other duties as assigned.


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