Govt Procurement PM with RFP, Child Welfare, federal requirements and workflow experience

Job ID: MS-77244 (90091112)3P

Govt Procurement PM with RFP, Child Welfare, federal requirements and workflow experience

Location: Jackson, MS (MDCPS)
Duration: 36 months

– Eight (8) years of IT Project Management experience
– Five (5) year of IT Integration experience
– Four (4) years of State IT Procurement experience (RFP Process)
– Excellent English-speaking skills, written communication skills, and knowledge transfer
Experience in Child Welfare processes and workflows
Experience with federal requirements for Child Welfare management systems
Product or technical expertise relevant to practice focus
Ability to communicate effectively
Ability to build a positive rapport with team members

Client seeks an experienced professional who has a broad understanding of solutions, industry best practices, multiple business processes or technology designs within a product/technology family. Operates independently to provide quality work to an engagement. Performs varied and complex duties and tasks
that need independent judgment, in order to implement to meet customer needs. Demonstrates expertise to
deliver functional and technical solutions on moderately complex engagements. Effectively consults with management.
Participates in business development activities. Develops detailed solutions for moderately complex projects.

This position requires an individual to oversee and manage multiple IT projects
simultaneously. The projects include
application conversion from a legacy framework to .NET as well as the implementation of a
new Cloud-Based hosted
solution. This individual will also assist with IT procurement and provide consulting
services to the CIO and the agency
executive staff.
Major Responsibilities
-IT Project Management;
-IT Procurement consultation with agency staff;
-Document preparation for ITS Board Meetings;
-Scoring of vendor submissions in response to the related request for proposals;
-IT Vendor Management;
-IT Long-Range Planning;
-Plan, Organize, and Lead IT Team Meetings;
-Other IT-related tasks as agreed upon by the parties



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