Govt PM/BA with mobile ID/mID, IOS15 and DMV/law enforcement experience

Job ID: MNSITE-2190 (90091006)3P

Govt PM/BA with mobile ID/mID, IOS15 and DMV/law enforcement experience

Location: St Paul MN (DPS)
Duration: 18 months
Positions: 1 (1/1)
Resource will follow DPS/MNIT policies for working on site. Currently it is a hybrid model and is subject to change.

Minimum Qualifications
• Five (5) years of experience as a senior Project Manager
• Three (3) years of experience as a senior Business Analyst
• Two (2) years of experience working in a government setting with multiple stakeholders and users.

Desired Skills
• Experience working with a similar system to mID.
• Experience working with law enforcement systems and practices.
• Experience compiling a report for executive review.

Sample Tasks
• Provide leadership and coordination for project that will involve MNIT and DPS staff and perhaps others.
• Research technology requirements; identify tools and resources needed/available.
• Provide impact analysis on, for example, the call center.
• Build a list of statute, policy, and procedures necessary for a successful undertaking.
• Identify how users would be on-boarded and supported.
• Develop a projected budget that would include initial and ongoing technology, staffing, maintenance, and support.
• Document how Minnesota could proceed and meet Federal requirements.
• Provide knowledge transfer

Description of Project
The MN Department of Information Technology Services partnering with the Department of Public Safety wants to explore implementing a virtual driver’s license or mobile ID (mID). A highly skilled project manager/business analyst (PM/BA) will coordinate those efforts with MNIT and DPS staff. The planning phase will include looking at other states’ programs and identifying tools such as the IOS15 that could be used to make this successful. DPS wants an initial written report by February 16, 2022, that will summarize the data findings, obstacles and advantages, budget required to proceed, impact on current systems, etc. The preliminary report will also identify what research and steps need to be taken to complete the analysis and possibly implement the project. It is expected that the resource will continue on the project as further research, written requirements, etc. are needed. If implementation is approved, the resource would then be expected to lead the project through implementation.

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