Govt Healthcare QA Lead/PM with COTS, E2E, UAT, Regression, Integration, usability, Release/Configuration planning, use cases, scripts, traceability matrix, defect tracking, root cause analysis and automation experience

Job ID: WA-WR-2024-767 (90090218)3P

Govt Healthcare QA Lead/PM with COTS, E2E, UAT, Regression, Integration, usability, Release/Configuration planning, use cases, scripts, traceability matrix, defect tracking, root cause analysis, OCIO and automation experience


1115 Washington St SE Olympia WA (DSHS – Department of Social and Health Services)
Duration: 3-9 Years – yes years (telework through at least June of 2020)
Positions: 2 (2/2-3) lowest hourly rate will receive the maximum Cost points
Interview: Phone/Online
Visa: Any
Attachments: RTR/skill matrix/references/resume (2 pages MAX)
Only locals/citizens/govt exp
Minimum 10+ Years Required

Scope of Work
(1) Participate in requirements development process;
(2) Evaluate the solution design to identify the test scope and create test cases;
(3) Develop and manage and lead the execution of a comprehensive test plan. This plan should address the unit, functional, E2E, Integration, UAT, and Regression testing, and usability testing phases for TA/ACT and AS.
(4) Evaluate existing agency test processes and tools, making recommendations as to opportunities for improvement, and implementing any approved tool/process improvements in support of the specific demands of the project, and as part of Maintenance and Operations Planning/Knowledge Transfer.
(5) Ambiguity analysis of all design to identify defects prior to configuration and development;
(6) Development and execution as well as coordination of systems integration, end-to-end, and user acceptance testing;
(7) Develop a Release/Configuration Plan prior to Test Phase;
(8) Develop and execute a Release/Configuration Coordinator role through Test and Production Phases;
(9) Develop functional and technical test data, scenarios, use cases, and scripts;
(10) Maintain a test case traceability matrix to ensure the entire functional and technical scope is included for TA/ACT and AS;
(11) Facilitate test execution. This includes tracking execution results, documenting performance, and documenting results for reporting purposes (including potential defects);
(12) Facilitate the evaluation of defects and root cause analysis with the vendor and project resources; (Triage and Release Meetings – Core Team effort)
(13) Facilitate the execution of regression testing activities and reporting needs;
(14) Participate in and support the development of other related project deliverables;
(15) Identify and coordinate testing resources to accomplish the scope outlined through each phase; and
(16) Evaluate testing processes to identify and manage risk areas. Escalate issues and risks, including proposed recommended solutions, to project managers/sponsors.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Contractor
(1) Quickly understand the business and systems domain within the scope of work to support test planning and test design;
(2) Identify and work closely with subject matter experts and other key stakeholders to produce the scope of work;
(3) Conduct the ambiguity resolution process, through working sessions as necessary, to ensure completely testable and implementable design specifications;
(4) Collaborate with both business and IT teams to ensure testability and coverage;
(5) Actively support the agency, project team, selected vendor and other key stakeholders to ensure the success of the new solution;
(6) Develop test plans and test scenarios/cases based on industry standards and agreed upon coverage standards;
(7) Conduct / coordinate all aspects of testing including test design, test data setup, test execution, and defect triage;
(8) Identify opportunities for test automation and providing recommendations where it can/should be leveraged to support regression testing for ongoing in-project releases and future project phases; and
(9) Develop and maintain test automation for select functions as agreed upon/directed by the project team.

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