CANCELLED: Federal Food & Nutrition Program BA with Colyar-based child nutrition program, SQL and Excel experience

Job ID: TX-551-01697 (912790216)3P

CANCELLED: Federal Food & Nutrition Program BA with Colyar-based child nutrition program, SQL and Excel experience

Location: 1700 N. Congress, Austin TX (Dept of Agriculture)
Duration: 12-24 months

• Minimum 10 years of experience in performing the essential functions of SQL analysis and Excel analysis
• Ability to quickly and clearly communicate technical information to non-technical persons, andgetting non- technical persons to identify and communicate business needs.
• Preferred experience with Federal Nutrition Programs
• Preferred experience with Colyar-based child nutrition programs software

• Liaison between FND program staff and Information Technology staff.
• Monitors and manages project quality to ensure that project deliverables fulfill agency expectations.
• Coordinates and analyzes user requirements, procedures, and problems to communicate programissues to responsible staff.
• Queries, analyzes, and provides data.
• Documents relevant data reporting elements
• Works independently and in coordination with TDA staff as assigned, to perform a variety of complicated tasks with a wide degree of creativity and latitude.

• Perform queries, analysis, and respond to requests for electronic information
• Attend scheduled meetings,
• Meet deadlines,
• Organize and manage assigned tasks,
• Work efficiently and effectively in performance of essential functions.

The position is for a Business Analyst with strong analytical and communication experience and the ability to assist staff in identifying report requirements, extracting complex data reports, and analyzing and summarizing key data points. TDA’s Food and Nutrition Division (FND) has systems that are unique to its duties. To assist FND staff in navigating those systems, it has a Business Analyst position that it has been unable to fill. Staff augmentation is required as the work of the position must be performed.

The primary system, Texas Unified Nutrition Programs System (TXUNPS), is a third party system. Originally implemented in 2012, the system has been regularly updated. It receives enhancements as required to meet the expectations of the grant that funds FND, usually annually. The position is the FND program liaison with TDA’s Information Technology (IT) Department (analysts and developers), and is required to understand the reporting needs of program staff. FND prefers candidates that have experience with federal Food & Nutrition programs.

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