GIS Business Analyst with spatial analysis, Python and workflow experience

Job Id: NC-529764 (96190315)

GIS Business Analyst with spatial analysis, Python and workflow experience

Location: Raleigh NC 27604 (NCDOT)
Duration: 12 Months
Agency Interview Type: Either Webcam Interview or In Person

Required / Desired Skills
• Strong experience with Esri’s suite of software products Required 7 Years
• Strong knowledge and understanding of GIS principals, theories and practices Required 7 Years
• Advanced knowledge of spatial analysis procedures Required 7 Years
• Advanced knowledge of Hydraulic analysis and modeling Required 7 Years
• Advanced knowledge of Python and Esri Model Builder Required 7 Years
• Strong skills in development of analysis procedure, complex system integration, software configuration management, and business analysis Required 7 Years
• Experience with integrating and implementing complex technology solutions Required 7 Years

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is seeking an Expert GIS Business Analyst contractor for an approximate 12 month engagement. The position will be assigned to the GIS Unit to specifically support the Hydraulics Unit’s GIS needs. This resource will perform GIS analysis, GIS hydraulic modeling, develop GIS collection methods, implement GIS data management, and implement GIS data dissemination solutions. This position is assigned to Century Center (Hydro).
Tasks and Responsibilities:
• Design, develop and support GIS analysis processes
• Provide GIS Hydraulic modeling expertise
• Migrate workflows utilizing ArcGIS to AGOL
• Develop a SharePoint/AGOL solution that provides tracking of Hydraulics reports
• Perform GIS analysis to generate flood inundation reporting for roads
• Utilize GIS and organizational best practices to maintain and manage GIS layers
• Provide assistance in identifying a workflow process to utilize Survey 123
• Work with consultants to develop GIS solutions
• Develop and document standards and best practices
• Develop and execute test plans for all levels of system testing
• Consult with customers to ensure implementation and maintenance meets expectations
• Manage projects and coordinate with other stakeholders and management
• Schedule meetings and coordinate project deliverables
• Write or coordinate writing of instructions for application support

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