(Cancelled) E-Rate PM with K-12/education/school experience

Job ID: WA-19-13 (912590429)

E-Rate PM with K-12/education/school experience

Location: 600 Washington Street SE Olympia WA (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction OSPI)
Duration: 36-60 months
Interview: Web cam or In-person
Positions: 1 (1/1)

Scope of Work
• Serve as the OSPI Liaison in all E-Rate issues, specifically relating to problem resolutions necessary to the issuance of a funding commitment letter.
• Serve as OSPI’s contact for the Educational Service Districts (ESDs) and school districts in answering resource and application questions.
• Serve as OSPI liaison in all federal organizations tasked with implementation of the E- Rate program in conjunction with OSPI project manager.
• Participate in State E-rate Coordinator’s Alliance (SECA) conference calls throughout the year and attend in-person meetings twice a year as WA representative.

Work Requirements
• Collect and compile necessary resources to continue implementation of OSPI’s Web presence as it relates to E-Rate resources necessary for both internal and external customers’ completion of E-Rate applications.
• Enable the delivery of current, verified data necessary for internal and external customers’ completion of E-Rate applications, and subsequent verification of the Schools and Libraries Division (SLD).
• Create and maintain the “valid file” for the SLD, which details all eligible public schools in the State, along with their enrollment, National School Lunch Program eligibility, Billed Entity Numbers, and any additional data required by the SLD of USAC
• Represent the State of Washington in all SECA meetings, both on the phone and in person.
• Contractor must not provide paid consulting services to schools or libraries in Washington state during the period of this contract, to avoid any conflict of interest.

The E-rate program has a cyclical annual schedule, with demographic data collected, verified and shared in the fall, online applications for future funding in the winter and early spring, and responding to SLD inquiries in the spring and summer. SECA meetings traditionally occur in October and May, and support for ESDs and districts occurs year-round.
While the timelines for these deliverables follow these general patterns, the specifics will be dependent upon USAC and FCC rules, requirements, and deadlines. Successful bidder will need to be able to provide the required work at whatever timeline is determined by the administrators of the program.

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