Dynamics CRM Consultant with SSAS, SSRS, Power BI, data warehouse and cloud data migration experience

Job ID: WA-517-195 (99990223)

Dynamics CRM Consultant with SSAS, SSRS, Power BI, data warehouse and cloud data migration experience

Location: 1111 Israel Rd SW, Olympia, WA 98501 (The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission )
Duration: 24 months

Work Requirements
Analyze business requirements for CRM systems.
Design, prototype and configure CRM systems – including customer facing web portals – to meet business requirements.
Provide expertise on data management strategies. Provide expertise on data migration from on premise systems to cloud-based systems.
Design, prototype, and develop, or provide assistance to develop, operational data stores and, possibly, a data warehouse.
Provide training to agency IT staff, with the objective of providing staff with the capability to manage and configure data, BI and CRM systems effectively and autonomously within 2 years.
Provide technical support for implemented projects.

Project Description
This project begins a multi-year modernization effort of the agency’s customer relationship management, data management, and business intelligence systems. The agency has conducted extensive analysis of our existing systems and the systems required to meet our business needs. The agency intends to use an agile and iterative approach to this modernization effort. We will focus initially on designing, developing and implementing several foundational Customer Relationship Management and Data systems and building expertise through these efforts that will enable future scalability. Our goal is to use a “crawl-walk-run” methodology to build the internal capacity to develop and maintain most applications in-house. The agency requires a partner who has extensive experience working with agencies to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM applications, modern data management strategies using SQL Server and tools such as SSAS
and SSRS, and business intelligence solutions using Power BI or other COTS BI tools.

Scope of Work
Phase 1 (Requirements Analysis): Identify Customer Relationship Management system requirements. Identify data management and business intelligence system requirements.
Phase 2 (Design): Work with the agency to develop a high level scope of work that accomplishes our long term goals.
Phase 3 (Development): Build initial systems.
a) Configure and integrate CRM system for business unit 1.
b) Configure and integrate CRM system for business unit 2.
c) Develop Operational Data Store and configure business intelligence systems.
Phase 4 (Deploy)
Phase 5 (Continuous Improvement): Incremental improvement of data management systems and addition of CRM modules.

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