Drupal Tester with business analysis and development experience

Job ID: C001094/95 (90091004) 4P

Drupal Tester with business analysis and development experience

Location: Albany NY (OSC)
Duration: 9 months
Positons: 1 (1/2)

A candidate must meet the following minimum qualifications in order to be considered for a position:
M1. Three years’ of experience performing business analysis;
M2. One year of experience testing a Drupal CMS; and
M3. One year of experience working with a Drupal CMS.

OSC will give preference to candidates with the following qualification:
P1. Any experience beyond what is required to meet Minimum Qualifications #M1-M3 for this position.

The Consultant(s) shall:
Provide requirements analysis and design definition;
Create and execute test plans and test scenarios;
Provide requirements life cycle management;
Collaborate with team members and stakeholders;
Provide on-the-job knowledge transfer and training to other team members;
Assist other team members in testing key features and functionality; and
Conduct post-implementation system verification.

During the qualification process, candidates may be interviewed in-person at OSC’s offices in Albany, NY or via video conference. Telephone interviews will not be permitted. Candidates selected without an in-person interview during the qualification process will be subject to an on-site interview and other reviews to verify identity and qualifications upon their commencement of work.

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