Data Warehouse PM (PMP) with data visualizations/governance Agile/Scrum experience

Job ID: WA-K3174 (912591022)

Data Warehouse PM (PMP) with data visualizations/governance Agile/Scrum experience

Location: 626 8th Ave. SE, Olympia, WA (Washington State Health Care Authority)
Duration: 14-26 months
References: Include a list of three (3) contracts or engagements the proposed Project manager has been directly responsible for during the last five (5) years that relate to the Project Manager’s ability to perform the services under this Work Request. List contract reference numbers, contract or engagement period of performance, contact persons, telephone numbers and email addresses. In 2 or fewer pages, describe one of the above contract projects and include the outcomes achieved for the customer.

Minimum Qualifications (M)
b. Five (5) years of recent project management experience in a project of similar scope.
c. Three (3) years of recent project management experience in a data warehouse project of similar scope.

The following are desirables:
a. Scrum-related project management experience.
b. Project Management Profession (PMP).

Scope of Work
HCA is seeking Project Management (PM) services to support the EDW Implementation Project described above. The PM will oversee all project management processes to ensure that they are effectively managed and executed within scope, budget and schedule and at an acceptable level of risk. The EDW Implementation Project team is comprised of HCA staff who are not fully dedicated to the Project, so there is a need to balance their assigned EDW Project tasks with other HCA duties. The Project Manager will be responsible to maintain a Project Plan that allocates resources to the project for a specified period of time and level of support.

This procurement is estimated to be one (1) full time PM, with services to include:
• Be fully engaged in the Project and coordination of day-to-day activities.
• Maintain the Project Plan that coordinates the resources and schedule for multiple EDW Implementation Project workstreams (defined below). An initial Project Plan has been developed and project schedule baselined.
• Manage the execution of the Project in accordance with the approved schedule,
providing scheduled updates to the Project Plan.
• Employ project management tools in a manner that successfully captures the overall status and environment of the Project.
• Effectively monitor enterprise scope and resources.
• Work collaboratively with Executive Sponsors, stakeholders and staff across the enterprise to manage desired Project outcomes in an effective manner.
• Identify Project Issues and Risks and provide thoughtful solution options to DSAI
managers and executives.
• Participate in the Data Management Steering Committee meetings as requested and provider regular status and other identified documents for regularly scheduled meetings.
• Continually review project management processes to ensure that the project is executed within scope, budget and schedule and at an acceptable level of risk.

Work has been defined to include ten (10) inter-related workstreams. Each is directed by an assigned Workstream lead. Currently defined workstreams include:
Workstream 1: Scale EDW Implementation Operations. This workstream focuses on definition of processes, roles and responsibilities that support EDW work intake, user story development, work planning and prioritization across HCA. Outputs of these processes provide inputs to workstream #5.
Workstream 2: Scale EDW Maintenance and Support Operations. This includes the establishment of processes that provide ongoing EDW maintenance and support structures.
Workstream 3: Secure Vendor Support for EDW. This workstream includes tasks for the procurement of technical consultant support for the EDW Implementation Project.
Workstream 4: Communications and Change Management for EDW including communication protocols that support engagement with a variety of stakeholders to communicate EDW Project’s purpose, scope, priorities, timelines, and status.
Workstream 5: Design, Build and Deploy Enterprise Architecture (EDA) Data Products. This workstream encompasses the design, build, test and deploy of EDW data sources and data products, and will continue as ongoing EDW development operations after the project phase is complete.
Workstream 6: Produce Data Visualizations for the EDW, responsible for delivery of all visualizations identified through the EDW implementation prioritization process.
Workstream 7: Business Requirements Gathering, involving the establishing of new tools and processes to support documentation of business and technical requirements for data products development.
Workstream 8: EDW Data Quality Coordination, responsible for documenting and coordinating resolution of data quality issues identified through EDW development and testing efforts.
Workstream 9: Data Governance for EDW. This workstream will coordinate with HCA’s Data Governance program and processes throughout the EDW development lifecycle, and identify and establish new processes as needed.
Workstream 10: EDW Data Glossary Development. This workstream is responsible for the definition of EDW data via business and technical glossaries; this work occurs concurrently with EDW implementation.

The Project Manager will be responsible for coordinating development of the following deliverables and documentation:
• Maintenance and documentation of the Project Plan and work breakdown structure that coordinate the resource and schedule for the Project. An initial Project Plan has been developed and project schedule baselined; the Project Plan will be closely coordinated and aligned with the operational work of HCA staff.
• The Project plan is currently in Microsoft Project format. HCA is in the process of implementing a new Enterprise Project Management tool – the tool may be required for use at a time yet to be determined.
• Integration and tracking of the Project Communication Plan (already developed).
• Maintain all necessary project lifecycle artifacts.
• Create and provide bi-weekly status reports including the status of the project. Status reports will be developed for sponsors and internal stakeholders and may be
provided to external stakeholders or the State Office of the Chief Information Officer as requested.

Expected performance under this scope of work includes, but is not limited to, the following:
• Use of professional judgment;
• Demonstrate leadership in resolving issues;
• Provide timely, accurate and informed communications;
• Demonstrate the ability to communicate across HCA divisions and multiple stakeholder groups on all aspects of the Project, including communications to multiple levels of stakeholders (e.g. technical, managerial and executive levels); and
• Ability to coordinate and align project plans with HCA consultants across multiple
Enterprise Data Warehouse Project consultant contracts, including:
o External Quality Assurance/Technical Quality Review;
o Technical Implementation vendor resources;
o Organizational Change Management and Data Governance consultants;
o Agile Process Development consultants.

Background Information
The Washington State Health Care Authority, hereafter called “HCA,” is initiating this Work Request to solicit proposals from qualified vendors to supply Project Management services to support HCA’s Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Implementation Project. This procurement is envisioned to be approximately one (1) full time project manager. Additional project management capability may be added to address future EDW needs.

Over the last few years, HCA has invested in enterprise business systems that have improved business processes and reporting capabilities. Those systems continue to amass large amounts of data that have the potential to be turned into valuable information if integrated across our systems in an enterprise data warehouse. More recently HCA has identified key enterprise data and analytic processes that must be implemented in order to maximize the value of its data assets, ensure data security, and foster a business culture that uses data strategically to drive decision making in a way that creates customer value. These needs focus on ease of data access, data integration, data quality, compliance with access security policies, and implementation of reporting and advanced analytic tools.

HCA has undertaken considerable work to understand the strengths and weaknesses of its current data infrastructure. In December 2017, HCA completed development of an Enterprise Data Architecture Procurement and Implementation Strategy (“EDW Strategy”) that is modular, flexible, and extensible and creates value during implementation. This EDW Strategy defines the path to get from current to desired functionality.

Based on the defined EDW Strategy, HCA launched a project in early 2018 to build and deploy the HCA enterprise data architecture to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. This architecture will serve as the agency’s foundational data and analytic infrastructure from which additional capacity can be created to meet a wide array of existing and emerging data use cases.

The EDW Strategy is driven by the need for an effective, flexible and efficient data infrastructure that supports current business functions and enables future innovation and transformation. The Project that defined the EDW Strategy:
• Integrated previously completed HCA EDW roadmaps to establish a clear vision to move forward;
• Provided an assessment of current data architecture and processes;
• Established an Enterprise Data Architecture solution vision; and
• Delivered recommendations for procuring and selecting an extensible platform to address HCA’s needs for a holistic approach to maturing data and analytics capabilities.

Upon completion of the EDW Strategy Project, HCA completed a ten (10) week Proof of Concept (POC) Project that served as an opportunity to gain hands-on experience prior to moving forward with a full scale Project build out. This enabled us to prove out the solution architecture and establish resource utilization and cloud consumption budget baselines.

The approved EDW Strategy focuses on the development of in-house expertise in data management and modern data architecture. HCA’s goal is to become self-sufficient to build and maintian enterprise data management and analytics solutions, allowing us to keep up with rapidly changing technologies and evolving business requirements without being bound by external vendor contracts. This approach also allows HCA to grow the EDW in an incremental manner in line with the agency’s funding cadence and staffing model. The POC and subsequent Project will utilize an agile methodology, emphasizing iterative development and rapid demonstration of value to our buinsess users. HCA will create a cross functional, agile delivery team for each data domain based on the prioritization defined by HCA.

The HCA has established the EDW Implementation Project (“Project”) to implement the HCA Enterprise Data Architecture Platform in AWS using the services documented in the Solution Architecture and expand data in the platform over time. The Project builds upon the strengths of HCA’s current data architecture and makes incremental investments to address data access gaps. Our approach is to develop and demonstrate incremental value that is critical to maintaining agency support and securing continued EDW funding. HCA’s EDW Strategy supports the work of HCA’s two lines of business: Medicaid and Employee and Retiree Benefits (ERB), with initial investments to support Medicaid. The Project is a part of and
aligns with HCA’s Enterprise Decision Support Strategic Plan. The building of this capability must be done in a flexible, extensible way that creates immediate value while remaining open to future advancements and changing business needs so that HCA can take advantage of emerging opportunities.

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