Data Analyst with data sourcing/ transformation/ loading/ analytics/ lake/ warehousing, SQL, SQL performance tuning, Teradata, SQL Server, Tableau, SalesForce, Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion/ MicroStrategy, Agile, Medicaid health and public-sector Experience

Job id : TX-52980000008072 (910690724)

Data Analyst with data sourcing/ transformation/ loading/ analytics/ lake/ warehousing, SQL, SQL performance tuning, Teradata, SQL Server, Tableau, SalesForce, Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion/ MicroStrategy, Agile, Medicaid health and public-sector Experience

Location : Austin TX (HHSC)
Duration : 1 Months (most likely be extended into FY19)

Minimum Requirements:

8 Experience on enterprise level systems projects in the Information Technology (IT) industry with a minimum of 4 years on data, analytics, or business intelligence projects.
6 Strong analytical and complex problem-solving skills with experience as a systems analyst for all phases of the system development lifecycle, including requirements analysis, design, development, implementation, operations, and maintenance.
4 Data modeling and design for data solutions, i.e., data warehouses, data lakes, data marts.
3 Developing processes and procedures for technology road maps and implementation planning for enterprise level systems. Including the creation and maintenance of diagrams and documentation supporting that effort.
3 Analyzing source system data, gathering metadata, and developing quality data mappings to support implementation efforts. A proven ability to validate that appropriate enterprise data and analytics solution development methodologies are in place that ensure effective management of technical risk, smooth integration of COTS or SaaS products, identification and control of interfaces and development dependencies, and system quality through configuration management quality assurance and testing.
Strong Ability to review and assess complex logical data models & support compliance to policies and procedures including data structures & data elements naming standards.
Strong Understanding of Metadata concepts, tools and repositories for enterprise data repositories
Strong Excellent oral and written communication skills.
Demonstrated Knowledge of data and analytics solution design and implementation process, from business requirements through logical modeling, physical database design, data sourcing and data transformation, data loading, SQL, end-user tools, database and SQL performance tuning.
Demonstrated Proven ability to identify and monitor risks and issues associated with data quality of source system data, the potential impact to a data warehousing solution, and the quality checks and testing required for a successful data acquisition and transformation.
Degree Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Systems Engineering, or other relevant discipline.
Years Skills/Experience
Yes Proven track record as technical lead on data analytics, data lake, or data warehousing projects
3+ Teradata, Oracle, or SQL Server implementation experience.
3+ Tableau, SalesForce, Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion, or MicroStrategy implementation experience.
Yes Prior experience on an Agile sprint team is preferred.
Yes Experience analyzing data and systems for aging, mental retardation and/or developmental disabilities, behavioral health, substance abuse, Medicaid health, or long-term services, including support issues, policies, and/or administration.
Yes Experience working in a public-sector environment (State, Federal, county, city, or government-funded private entities that work actively with government organizations).

Worker responsibilities may include:
• Ensuring timely and accurate communications between other application development/support project teams and external stakeholders as appropriate.
• Analysis and validation of requirements and data sources in the overall design and implementation of data and analytics and performance measurement solution.
• Development and/or review of plans for infrastructure, storage, and networking requirements for data and analytics and performance measurement solution.
• Working with business and data analysts, developers, database administrators and requirements analysts to validate the translation of business requirements into technical requirements.
• Review and validation of conceptual and logical data models from data analysis results of business requirements translation.
• Assist in cost estimation for project resources – staffing, hardware, and software.
• Gather, document and/or validate security requirements.
• In-depth knowledge of databases, data modeling and analytical tools.
• Interpreting new and changing business requirements to determine the impact on system design
• Must have excellent skills in requirements analysis, data assessment, business process reengineering, and familiarity with data and analytics design concepts.
• Responsible for preparation and/or review of any technical designs and/or documents.
• Provide input and feedback, as requested, to the development of an Implementation Advanced Planning Document (IAPD) and Request for Proposal (RFP).

Other Special Requirements:
If the Vendor or any of its Workers participate in the preparation of specifications for any solicitation (e.g. Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Offer (RFO), etc.) that may result from work performed by the Vendor under this agreement, or if the Vendor or any of its Workers are capable of influencing the development of such specifications by virtue of the Vendor’s work under this agreement, the Vendor and its Workers are prohibited from performing any services or receiving any compensation under a contract resulting from such a solicitation.
In submitting a resume for this solicitation, the vendor attests to their compliance with e-verify for the submitted candidate. E-verify requirements are outlined in Appendix A, Section P. Immigration, of the Standard Terms and Conditions for Information Technology Staff Augmentation Contract.


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