[Repost] Business Analyst with webinars, Epics, Features, User Stories, Agile, Medicaid and Texas Health and Human Services Experience

Job id : TX-5299000000DA318 (98091014)

[Repost] Business Analyst with webinars, Epics, Features, User Stories, Agile, Medicaid and Texas Health and Human Services Experience

Location : Austin TX (HHSC)
Duration : 10 Months

Minimum Requirements:
Years Skills/Experience
5 Experience creating training videos and webinars.
5 Experience delivering training in a classroom or e-learning environment.
5 Experience with planning and coordination of training and educational programs, services, and activities.
5 Experience utilizing analysis skills and interacting with business end users and technical staff to develop and create training curriculum.
5 Experience with Microsoft Office products (e.g., Word, Excel, Project, etc.).
3 Experience in effective general written/oral communication, including documenting requirements, deliverables, and project status.

Years Skills/Experience
2 Knowledge of Medicaid Long-term Care programs.
2 Experience with Texas Health and Human Services programs.
2 Experience creating Epics, Features, and User Stories.
2 Experience utilizing the Agile methodology for software development.

This position will provide business analysis and document support for the development, creation, and delivery of training materials to providers, Medicaid recipients, and state partners. The analyst must be able to multi-task, analyze priorities, communicate clearly, and assist the Project Manager with training timelines. The analyst will be responsible for communicating with multiple internal/external stakeholders, including executives, providers, Medicaid recipients, contractors and technical staff, program staff, and TMHP staff. The analyst may conduct or lead training sessions of materials created. The analyst will participate in meetings, document decisions, track project deliverables and schedule, and alert the project manager of any conflicts, risks, or issues that may result in not achieving deadlines.

The services to be provided include, but are not limited to, the following:
A. Create training curriculum for providers, Medicaid recipients, and state partners.
B. Conduct or lead training sessions.
C. Analyze program policies, procedures, and initiatives to determine the impact on business systems, training needs, and functional areas.
D. Establish long-term training goals and desired learning outcomes by analyzing user feedback, evaluating program materials (e.g. contract monitoring tools, EVV Compliance reviews, and EVV processes and procedures), and consulting with other program areas.
E. Create and administer training needs assessments and surveys to determine user knowledge base and areas of opportunity.
F. Coordinate with state staff to obtain requirements to write policies and procedures for EVV programs.
G. Analyze, write, and update program policies and procedures.
H. Identify potential project risks and issues, and develop mitigation strategies.
I. Ensure the vendor manages to their schedule for deliverables as established.
J. Act as a liaison between State Staff and Vendors to translate operational and business requirements to vendors.
K. Report project statuses to management based on established timelines.
L. Document reporting requirements and program decisions.
M. Other duties as assigned.

Other Special Requirements:
In submitting a resume for this solicitation, the vendor attests to their compliance with e-verify for the submitted candidate. E-verify requirements are outlined in Appendix A, Section P. Immigration, of the Standard Terms and Conditions for Information Technology Staff Augmentation Contract.

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