Business Analyst with mapping, RFP/documentation, use cases, user stories and project management experience

Job ID: WA-2021-13 (97590518)

Business Analyst with mapping, RFP/documentation, use cases, user stories and project management experience

Location: Olympia WA (Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI))
Duration: 3+ months
Positions: 1 (1/1)
Interview: Phone/Online
Visa: Any
Attachments: RTR/skill matrix/references(3)/resume NOT required (selection will be based on skill matrix and please fill it in detail)

Skills and Experience
Experience gathering, documenting, and tracking functional and non-functional requirements. Tell about the tools, techniques, and strategies used.
Experience mapping and documenting business processes.
Experience building use cases and user stories.
Experience investigating current state of existing systems and/or processes.
Experience building a Scope of Work based on business and technical requirements.
Experience managing projects. (Project Management Skills)

Scope of Work
The Contractor is expected to complete the following scope of work:
• Work with the subject matter experts within the programs to understand the current CNP 2000 system.
• Use information and knowledge received along with high level requirements collected in 2020, to determine what the current essential needs are for a new system.
• Assist CNS by creating user stories and help to build out a scope of work for a potential new system purchase.
• Document and report findings
• Create requirements framework for a potential Request for Proposal (RFP)

Work Requirements
Specific responsibilities will include:
• Contractor shall work with OSPI business staff to define functional and non-functional business requirements, support the procurement and implementation process.
• Contractor shall work on-site at OSPI unless given permission to work off-site by the OSPI Contract Manager. Currently, OSPI is working remotely due to the pandemic.
• Contractor shall be provided with necessary connectivity to complete the assigned deliverables while working on-site.
• Contractor will be required to attend daily and/or weekly meetings

e. Deliverables
The following items will be required of the Business Analyst:
• Confidentiality Statements
• Required Security Training
• Documentation of current business and technical requirements separated by needs and wants.
• Conduct Market Research
• Mapping of and documentation of business processes that currently exist in the CNP 2000 system.
• Mapping of and documentation of any current business processes that the Program areas would like to be fulfilled by the new system.
• Documentation of use cases for the new system.
• Draft scope of work for a new system
• RFP Preparation

Attachment B – Contractor Reference Form

Attachment A – Evidence of Candidates Skills

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