Business Analyst with K-12/education experience

Business Analyst with K-12/education experience

Location: Columbia SC

Duration: 3 Months

The South Carolina Department has an immediate need for a Business Analyst to assist the Office of Total Quality Management with preparing and delivering the State Educational Technology Plan. The state Educational Technology Plan is a toolkit of resources, vision, and goals for the state, districts, and schools of South Carolina to leverage technologies in instruction and the support of instruction. The current State Educational Technology Plan 2009-13 is an update to the 2003-08 State Technology Plan, “Realizing the Dream.” The 2003 plan was developed through efforts of over fifty South Carolina stakeholders from education, business, government and the community.

The last significant state Educational Technology Plan was released nearly ten years ago, in 2003, with only updates being made in 2009. With the rapid advancements of technology, the past plan’s vision and goals no longer fully leverage best practices in instructional technology. Therefore, the State Educational Technology Plan warrants a fresh and timely rewrite to better reflect the advancements of the past several years as well as address the needs facing our schools ahead.

The following are primary activities which the Business Analyst/Facilitator will be expected to perform on the SC State Educational Technology Plan (SCSETP) project.
1. Plan and execute the timely creation of the SC State Educational Technology Plan (SCSETP) project in collaboration with the agency’s appointed SCSETP Stakeholders.
2. Proactively facilitate, communicate, and collaborate with external and internal entities to analyze information needs and document such needs.
3. Work collaboratively with SCSETP stakeholders to elicit requirements using document analysis of prior plans, phone interviews, on-line workshops/webinars, surveys, and occasional regional on-site visits.

4. Critically evaluate information gathered from multiple sources, reconcile conflicts, decompose high-level information into details, abstract up from low-level information to a general understanding, and distinguish unique requests from the underlying true needs.
5. Participate in the writing, editing, and finalization of the SCSETP and ensure that the final product both fulfills South Carolina’s specific objectives for the plan and that it contains all of the specific, actionable information that is required to begin the implementation of the SCSETP plan.
6. Lead and own the delivery of the final product that includes a comprehensive state educational plan, resources for districts in producing their own institutional plans, as well as a template to be used as a possible guide for future plan development.
7. Identify, escalate and propose timely solutions to any and all issues which pose risks to either the On-Time Completion of the SCSETP plan or to its Quality and Completeness.

8. Report SCSETP project progress weekly to Department CIO management.

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