AWS Developer with Lambda, NoSQL, C#, .net, Python, Angular and statistical experience

Job ID: UT-72183 (90090609)

AWS Developer with Lambda, NoSQL, C#, .net, Python, Angular and statistical experience

Location: Salt Lake City, UT (DWS)
Duration: 12 Months

Skill Requirements
1 “AWS developer with 5 years experience. General familiarity with AWS services with proficiency in serverless architectures (Lambda), NoSQL (dynamoDB, DocukmentDB or Mongo)”
2 Proficiency with C#, .net, Python, Angular.
3 Solid mathematical/statistical background.
1. Participate in conference calls as they occur with Analyst Resource Center representatives and BLS OES staff. Provide technical input and recommendations.
2. Discuss system operations, functions and specifications with BLS OES staff.
3. Participate in LEWIS training sessions as an instructor/resource as required.
4. Rewrite the LEWIS software as agreed to by BLS and the Analyst Resource Center.
5. Update/upgrade the system, fix problems, and/or include changes required by the BLS OES program.
6. Implement project plan so that final deliverables are made on time and within budget.
7. Act as technical support for state LEWIS users. Answer emails and phone calls and provide answers and assistance for people using LEWIS.
8. Continue to maintain and update the LEWIS support website.
9. Continue to enhance comments and documentation of system code
1. Necessary changes to LEWIS are made in a timely manner.
2. Project plan and timeline for development and deployment of modern upgraded LEWIS is provided to ARC, ETA and BLS.
3. Modern version of LEWIS is released to states in accordance with project plan.
4. Requested technical support is provided to BLS, the Analyst Resource Center and its designees, and state users in a timely manner.
5. Attend and participate in Analyst Resource Center meetings and conference calls and provide technical input and recommendations.

1. In consultation with and upon approval by ARC, ETA and BLS leadership, develop a project plan for development of a cloud service web interface LEWIS system.
2. Implement plan with timeline projecting completion within one year of this contract modification.
3. Ensure adequate testing and correction of any bugs, issues or errors.
4. Deploy system to states with adequate information for states to access and use system.

1. System is developed and deployed in accordance with project plan timeline.
2. System is deployed with an acceptable number of follow-up fixes so that states can run required estimates.

30% – All-inclusive hourly bill rate.
30% – Duration and quality with AWS Development
30% – Software language experience and proficiency
10% – Experience in Mathematics and Statistics
100% – Total (30% rate 70% Technical requirement)


Free Skills Assessment instructions (3).pdf

MMR skill set 72183

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