Automation Tester (SDET) with Selenium, .net/java and government experience

Job ID: UT-77289 (90091109)10P

Automation Tester (SDET) with Selenium, .net/java and government experience

Location: Salt Lake City, UT (DWS-DTS)
Duration: 5 Years
Attachments: Skill set and skill assessment.

Skill Requirement
Quality Assurance Developer with minimum of 2 years experience None
Automation experience with QA using tools like Selenium None

Our team, the Enterprise Services Team, is a development and project management team that provides support for both external and internal applications for the Department of Workforce Services (DWS), DWS enterprise efforts in project management, and enterprise software. Application size ranges from small to large. The team provides programming support for all DWS web projects, audits, and infrastructure activities.

Web applications written and maintained by our team are typically Java, with Spring MVC, Angular, and Oracle. Although we do also support both web and desktop applications written with Microsoft based technologies including but not limited to, core, and XAML.

We are currently working toward containerization of our applications and then moving them to AWS.
Additionally there are seven project managers on our team with approximately 60 on-going projects for DWS. There are two Quality Assurance testers that support development accuracy and one information analyst responsible for accessibility testing.

Scoring Criteria for bids:
30% – Years of QA experince
10% – Years of work experience in AWS
20% – Test automation of apps/systems using tools like selenium
10% – Previous experience in the public or Goverment sector
30% – Cost


Free Skills Assessment instructions.pdf

Minimum Mandatory Requirement Form (1)

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