ASP.Net Developer with C#, MVP, MVC Frameworks, MS SQL Server, network design, implementation and performance testing Experience

Job Id: WA-2017-089 (99991227)

ASP.Net Developer with C#, MVP, MVC Frameworks, MS SQL Server, network design, implementation and performance testing Experience

Location: Lacey, WA (ESD)
Duration: 6+ Months
Interview: In-person
Resume: 4 pages max
Positions: 2 (2/1)

Required Qualifications
In addition to the qualifications contained in the master contract, ESD seeks bidders who can provide
resources who meet the following qualifications as defined in each requested ITPS Category below.
(2) Developers (Client/Server & Web Services) – 6 or more years of experience
Extensive professional software development experience with C# and ASP.NET (preferably MVP and
MVC frameworks) for web applications. Within the last twelve (12) months
Proficiency in Object Oriented Design and Architecture. Professional experience with MS SQL Server
(SQL Server 2008R2 or later). Within the last twelve (12) months
Performs work that includes, but is not limited to; performance or stabilization goal advanced
applications programming, analysis, design and creation of application systems, and/or systems
programming responsibilities from individual system languages to overall systems configuration, fault
diagnosis and isolation, strategic planning, performance measurement and capacity planning and
management and/or network design, implementation and performance testing.
Has extensive involvement in analysis and requirements development, project management, applied
quality control practices, and to have had complete responsibility for complete systems testing and
Possess effective client interaction skills, exhibit a professional commitment to getting their work done
and possess personal qualities that contribute to the work team environment. Is expected to be able to
quickly assess a new situation and provide detailed guidance or problem resolution in the face of new or
unfamiliar concepts and tools and oversee and assist others to successfully address these challenges.
Under supervision of the Purchaser, Vendor staff is expected to handle problems which come to light
during the project, to define, design, and create methods and processes to resolve specific problems
and/or improve the efficiency/productivity of processes.
Interacts with the Purchaser’s technical staff and assists Vendor staff in successfully executing their
Additional Expectations
All contracted resources that are selected from this solicitation must sign a notice of non-disclosure
before any work can be performed under the resulting contract.

Scope of Work
Bidder must be capable of supplying resource(s) dedicated full time to ESD, who are capable of
providing services described in the Required Qualifications listed below.
At the time of Contract award and thereafter, the specifically named individual(s) identified in the
Response must be dedicated to this Project, until Project completion. If for some unforeseen event the
proposed resource becomes unavailable, replacement personnel may be proposed. Replacement
personnel must have substantially similar qualifications as those identified in this RFQQ and ESD must
agree to such replacement.

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