Agile QA Lead/PM with readiness assessment, governance, vendor management, Acquisition planning, change management, COTS, workflow and Licensing experience

Job ID: WA-2018-129 (912590816)

Agile QA Lead/PM with readiness assessment, governance, vendor management, Acquisition planning, change management, COTS, workflow and Licensing experience

Location: ESD office building located at 640 Woodland Square Loop SE, Lacey WA
Duration: 10 months

b. Scope of Work
In compliance with OCIO Policy 132 the Contractor shall provide Quality Assurance (QA) Services in support of the UTAB Agile Implementation project.
Develop a QA Readiness Assessment that meets the minimum requirements defined in OCIO policy 132.20. An excerpt from the policy follows.
1. The readiness assessment will evaluate at least the following general areas:
The clarity and agreement about the business value to be achieved and whether related measures have been identified. The project objectives to be achieved at completion (using SMART [1] guidelines).
The overall agency readiness for the project and for the expected organizational model once the project is completed.
The sufficiency of the project planning activities to date.
Project sponsorship and planned governance entities and processes.
The overall sufficiency and commitment of planned project resources, both for the project team and for critical stakeholders and subject matter experts, over the life of the project.
The stakeholder engagement and communication strategy, including both internal and external stakeholders as appropriate.
Planned project methodologies and practice standards.
Acquisition planning efforts.
Vendor management planning.
The sufficiency of Organizational Change Management activities planned over the life of the project, including an initial assessment of the readiness of the organization for the culture change.
Recommended future stages/ gates for the project.
2. The Readiness Assessment Report shall contain the following:
A cover letter addressed to the project sponsor and to the State CIO and signed by the QA provider responsible for the content that attests to the independent preparation of the report. The cover letter should also contain contact information for the preparer.
A summary level assessment of the readiness of the project to proceed, including identification of critical issues that must be addressed prior to the project proceeding.
A high-level risk assessment including the project’s mitigation plans and QA recommendations for mitigation of the risks identified.
A table that summarizes findings and recommendations.
A detailed narrative describing findings and recommendations in support of the summary level readiness and risk assessments and related recommendations.

Develop a monthly QA Report that includes, at a minimum, the following components:
– Executive Summary
– Critical Risks
– Project Progress
– Project Controls
– Milestone Tracking
– Recommendations

3. Project Description
The UTAB Agile Implementation project will make enhancements to the system, which include improve processing of Trade Act related claims, non-standard claims processing, improve workflow for customers and staff to improve service quality and efficiency, improve interfaces with WorkSource WA and Department of Licensing.

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